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Things to Do to Prevent Accidents on the Road

Jun 28, 2021, 8:27 pm / Lara

"Road safety is cheaper and effective insurance."

When you are behind the steering wheel it is your responsibility to pursue certain rules and regulations, that will help you in intercepting any forthcoming danger and will greatly assist you in evading any uncertain collisions during your road trip. So, in order to prevent accidents on the road, you must go through some significant safety rules mentioned below.


As it is stated, Speed thrills but it kills.! Speed limits are imposed to simply avoid accidents and to ensure the safety of the road. It has been estimated that an increase in average speed is directly associated with the probability of a crash. Higher the speed, higher are your risk of getting involved in a severe road tragedy since speeding will greatly minimise your reaction time in case of an emergency. Exceeding the speed limit or driving roughly on the road is contagious not only to you but also to other drivers on the road. So be a responsible driver, wear your seat belts and drive at a constant speed paying attention to all the speed limit signs posted across the road.


Staying vigilant and focused while driving is one of the key element towards the prevention of road catastrophes. Keep your eyes averted on the road in front of you and do't let anything distract you from your driving. Doing multitasking while driving can lead you to serious situations and irreversible consequences. Pay close attention at intersections, look thoroughly before changing the lanes and keep in mind to look through your rearview mirrors to have a clear idea of the vehicles around you.


Invisibility or absence of the adequate amount of bright light can have a direct impact on your peripheral vision, especially when driving at night. Having a clear perception of the road ahead ensures the safety of the driver and plays a significant role in preventing any serious disaster.

The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision car camera has been improved very useful for increase vision at night driving. It uses low light image techniques and consists of an MCCD photosensitive chip that is capable of producing a high-quality image. Another advanced attribute of this highly demanded night vision camera is its large IPS display. The 8" widescreen allows you to have a comfortable view of the road without causing any sort of uneasiness or distraction. Additionally, this camera comes with an easy to install package including a non-slip mat, a suction cup and an OBD adaptor, etc. Using all this equipment you can either fix the system on the dashboard or attach it to the windshield of the car. You can drive safe at night and in climatic conditions when your vehicle is accommodated with this unique camera.


Driving can become risky and perilous if the weather conditions are not suitable. Make it a habit to adapt your driving habits according to the present climatic situations. In the case of heavy snow, fog or rainstorm make sure to slow down your automobile, maintain safe driving distance from the vehicle in front of you and move cautiously towards your destination.


Tractor-trailers are designed to transport goods across the roadways. Due to their heavy size and limited flexibility tractor-trailers can cause serious calamities in case of a crash. In order to stay safe while driving beside a tractor-trailer keep sufficient space between your vehicle and the trailer. Plus maintain a steady speed while driving in your lane and refrain yourself from overtaking the huge vehicle as it could lead you in a serious road disaster. Another important thing to keep in mind is that they have larger blind spots as compared to other vehicles. In this case, follow this general rule:"If you cannot see the truck's mirror, the driver can't see your vehicle." Always try to keep yourself visible in the rearview mirror of the tractor and apply the "two-second rule of safe driving".


Using cell phones while driving can considerably increase the risk of accidents. Drivers using a mobile phone are approximately 4 times more likely to be involved in car crashes as compared to the ones not using cell phones. Talking on the phone can distract you from driving even if you are using a hands-free. Before you fasten your seat belt make sure that your cell phone is switched off. And if it's really urgent for you to make a call make sure that you are parked before you make a call.

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