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The Fear Of Driving At Night: How To Overcome It?

Nov 4, 2019, 9:12 am / Brian Lageose

The anxiety that one faces when driving especially at night isn't unheard of. From hesitating to drive at night to refusing to drive anytime, one starts to build a phobia towards the whole activity. A phobia is basically a paralyzing fear which is irrational. Though driving phobia comes under the form of agoraphobia (which means the fear of open spaces), however, it is actually the fear of losing control. People who find it intimidating to drive at night have a fear of being trapped in the traffic jam or feel it possible to get over the panic attack that they are experiencing. From fear of passing out to getting into an accident - anything can happen. However, we are going to help you overcome your fear of driving.

What Are The Reasons Behind Fear of Driving At Night?

If you find your heart racing, palms sweating, and confusion, dizziness, disorientation, shortness of breath, and dry mouth overpowers you - then you may encounter driving phobia. In case you are familiar with these symptoms and have experienced them before, then it is time to know the reasons behind it.

  1. Fear of accidents

The most common fear that overwhelms drivers at night is the fear of being in an accident. Any form of anxiety takes place when there is an underestimation of one's skills and exaggeration of danger. The fear of accidents causes drivers to lose faith in others' ability and their own. Either way they end up imagining the worst.

  1. New to driving

Drivers who are new to the entire task of driving feel out of place when they are doing it at night. This can cause fear of losing control and causing fatalities.

  1. Lack of confidence

There can be several incidents which can cause a driver to lose confidence while driving. Be it a traumatic car accident or driving through bad weather, getting lost, being road rage victim, and so on. The reason behind lack of confidence while driving at night can be plenty.

Ways To Overcome The Fear

We have created a list of certain helpful tips and tricks that will help you overcome the fear. It will boost your confidence and help you feel safe, confident, and in control.

  1. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is a known ingredient for triggering anxiety. You must refrain from consuming it while driving at night. Drivers have experienced huge relief when they have cut back on caffeine. Empty stomach can also trigger an imbalance in blood sugar level.

  1. Practice on familiar roads

In order to gain confidence and drive smoothly, you need to have exceptional driving skills. This can be achieved by practicing on familiar roads for some time, besides familiar roads give you a sense of safety.

  1. Using Night Vision System

The use of advanced driving assistants can make cars safer and driving much easier. The Lanmodo night vision system designed for cars is an impressive device that is necessary on unfamiliar and unlit roads. This system has the power to capture clear image of road ahead 1080P high resolution and full color, so you will know the road situation well, thus reducing fear. What's more, Lanmodo night vision system has a wide 36° angle vision, perfect for capturing the broad view and give you more time to take precaution measures.It is a self-contained system and can be mounted on top of your car's windscreen or dashboard, convenient to use and fit in almost every vehicle.

Driving on poorly lit streets in an unfamiliar place can cause panic and anxiety, but this modern gadget improves road safety, making it easier to drive in dark conditions.

  1. Managing Stress

The common cause behind anxiety is overwhelming stress for driving on the road, which may cause unnecessary problems while driving. In order to address this problem and lower stress levels you need to exercise, meditate, take breaks while driving, and actively perform yoga may help.

The most crucial thing that you have to realize while driving is to keep your calm and realizing that cause for anxiety and fear can be dealt with. Follow these easy yet important tips to drive freely on the road.

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