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The Do's and Don'ts of Being a Good Driver

Jun 29, 2021, 5:02 pm / Brian Lageose

As a driver, if you are aware of what to do and what to avoid, it will ensure that you and your passengers are safe throughout the journey. A few of the do's and don'ts have been mentioned in this article. If you want to fall into the bracket of being a good driver and want to follow the norms of driving safety, comparing yourself against this checklist can be really helpful.

Do: Conduct regular maintenance

Your car is a machine after all. It is a well-known fact that every machine undergoes a lot of wear and tear as it is used over the years. The same holds true for the car as well. However, you can delay this process of depreciation by making sure that maintenance is conducted regularly. Simple things like checking the air in the tire, getting the oil changed and the engine serviced may look really small at the outset but is extremely beneficial for the long life of the car. So, maintain as well as possible.

Don't: Put off fixing issues

One of the biggest mistakes that you can do as a driver is to ignore any issues related to your car which is already existing and you are aware of. Procrastination can spell doom for your car. It is common knowledge that a car breaks down only at the loneliest of roads where the chances of help are the least. As a good driver, you should try to avoid this situation as much as possible by fixing issues as soon as they detected.

Do: Invest in tech devices

Car technology has progressed tremendously these days and there is enough evidence to vouch for it. One of the most common reasons for accidents is night driving. Any driver assistance system during this time can be really helpful. Some cars come with an in-built car night vision device but it increases the cost manifolds. Another option that has become extremely useful these days is the external night vision system. Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system is slated as the most popular device in this aspect.

This popularity is mainly due to the fact that the device is capable of taking images using a high quality camera, even at low natural light. The images are displayed on an 8 inches screen which is mounted on the dashboard and you get a premature vision of what lies ahead and drive accordingly. A few of the other devices which have proven their utility and can be used to assist in driving are Satellite Navigation, App that helps in parking using sensors, tire pressure checker etc.

Don't: Use your phone

Using a phone while driving is like inviting misfortune upon oneself. A call can definitely great. It can cause a lot of distraction for the driver and he or she is prone to making mistakes when. they are talking and driving. So avoid phones as much as possible. This is particularly applicable for teen drivers who just get their licenses or awaiting theirs.

Do: Take road trips

Life is really hectic and grilling these days. There is hardly any time for oneself and for spending time with your loved ones. A road trip with your car is a nice bonding idea in this scenario. You can do not only enjoy the driving but also engage in conversation with others and catch up after a long time. No need to worry your car in a long drive.

Don't: Rush and panic

When you are driving, some accidents or the other keeps on happening. Most of the time it will be because the vehicle in front will be moving very slowly and you may be trying to overtake. Your engine might break down, your tire might puncture, there are many that can go wrong. The point is to identify the problem and reacting according to it immediately. No need to rush it

Do: Keep learning

Last but not least, life is a continuous learning process and driving is definitely one of them. New changes are being introduced every day. Be on your toes and keep learning as there is no age to stop doing so.

Once you follow the list of the do's and don'ts mentioned above, you can definitely become one of the best and most trustworthy drivers for your close ones.

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