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Senior Driver Safety Guide: How to Drive Safely in Unfriendly Conditions

Jun 30, 2021, 4:29 pm / Evelyn Smith

To drive safely, the driver needs to have thorough knowledge about the road signs and traffic laws. Young drivers have the advantage of good eye vision. But as age progresses, you may notice many physical changes, and find it more difficult to drive well. This can be dangerous for both the driver and for those on the road too.

1. How aging affects driving ability

With an increasing age, many senior drivers may find it difficult to do things which were once so easy. This includes recognizing the incoming traffic, applying brakes, etc. Some of the factors affecting safe driving for the elderly drivers are as follows;

Weaker Vision - Vision loss is one of the most common eye problems among elderly drivers. There can be various causes for vision loss like macular degeneration, glaucoma cataract, diabetic retinopathy, etc. All these conditions impair your vision, cause loss of central vision or optic nerve damage, thus, putting you at risk.

Hearing Loss - Although vision is considered to be the most primary sensory input for driving, hearing is as important. Safe driving involves hearing the danger, even before you see it. However, many old drivers suffer from hearing impairment due to their increasing age. Hearing loss is a sudden or gradual loss in your hearing abilities. This can happen due to several reasons like old-age, underlying health conditions, hereditary and so on.

Slower Reaction - As your age progresses, more and more synapses in the brain begin to disconnect. Due to this, your ability to take quick decisions while driving, or reacting spontaneously on the road is greatly affected. This can lead to dangerous situations while driving on the road for elderly drivers.

2. Safe driving tips Safe

Safe driving at night is one of the biggest issues concerning the old drivers. As you age with each passing day, the driving abilities are affected. Below are some safe driving tips that will aid you in ensuring safety while you get behind the wheels.

  1. Update your Skills

You can consider taking a refresher course to update your driving skills. There are chances you have no formal driving education and have learned the basics from your elders. This will help you to stay on par with the current rules of the traffic. You may also come across new things which may have never been in your knowledge.

  1. Take advantage of a night vision system

Technology has touched every corner of life. A night vision system is that gift of technology which promotes safe driving. In unfriendly weather conditions like rains and fog, driving is difficult and is more challenging for elderly drivers. However, night vision systems are here to assist you. One of the most efficient night vision systems is the Lanmodo Vast Pro Automotive night vision system. It provides a full-color image of the road ahead in 1080p resolution.

The night vision system covers a distance of 300 m which is beyond the car's headlight. This helps you to know the road situation in advance. The system possesses an 8 inch IPS screen, which is considerably big for you to see. The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system is suitable for 99% of the cars and comes at a very affordable price too. With this system in your car, you can ensure the safety of others and yourself on the road.

  1. Don't get distracted

Getting distracted is one of the main reasons behind accidents on the road. Prepare yourself well before starting the journey to keep your focus solely on the road. It is advised to plan your route and leave on time, to make sure you don't read the map or directions and focus on the road. Avoid using the cellphone or adjust the radio too. The National Safety Council also advises against any kind of cellphone use for complete safety while driving.

  1. Regular examination of eyes

As you age, your body organs get weak and fail to function like before. Since eyes are the primary sensory input while driving, it is vital to undergo regular eye tests and examinations. Following up with your doctor regularly will help to identify any problem at the earliest and prevent it from getting worse. If you are suffering from health issues like diabetes or cataract which impair the vision, you must abide by the doctors' advice religiously. Maintaining healthy eyes is crucial for your road safety while driving.

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