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Safety Tips & Advice: City Vs Rural Driving

Jun 28, 2021, 7:51 pm / Richard

A driver must always remember that all roads are created differently, every road has its own challenges and hurdles. Most of the drivers believe that their experience has prepared them for all the difficulties on the road, however, most of them are sailing under false colors. If you are a city driver then you are likely to face some problem while driving in a rural area, and vice versa. City roads are comparatively more maintained, whereas, the rural road is mostly bumpy. Moreover, you will find rural roads isolated and remote, and on the other hand, city roads are always congested and crowded with people and cars. Driving on both roads can be exciting as well as tough. Therefore, we are here to help you out with our safety tips and advice for your next drive on the city and rural roads.

City Driving

Usually, when we are driving in a city we noticed huge roads with plenty of pedestrians, vehicles, cyclists on the road. Everyone seems to be in a hurry but the traffic doesn't allow people to move speedily. Reaching anywhere on time is a struggle on these city roads and people often in a rush make life-threatening mistakes and end up putting their lives in danger. There are few safety measures you can take before you head off on your city adventure:

  1. Know your route beforehand to avoid traffic

Heavy traffic is one of the main issues of the city roads. Hence, due to congestion and the long wait in queues people often become frustrated and engage in fights with other drivers, which eventually leads to unfortunate mishaps. Thus, to save yourself from such incidents and to have a less stressful experience, make sure you take the route with minimum traffic flow. Furthermore, don't always rely on GPS, always do your research regarding the routes before leaving the house to spare some time.

  1. Note road signs and know what they mean

City roads are more complex and involve rules that are far more strict as compared to the ones you find in rural areas. Huge buildings and large vehicles can block your view. But gladly, the city roads are signposted to guide the drivers properly. Each sign has a different meaning, ergo the drivers need to understand the meaning of those signs before hitting the city road.

  1. Constantly check all your mirrors

Despite all the rules and regulations, the ratio of fatal car accidents is still quite high in the urban area. These casualties are caused majorly due to distracted driving. Listening to music and using phones while driving makes us vulnerable to road accidents. Hence, having a keen focus is key. It is important for a driver to keep both hands on the wheel and eyes road while driving in a city. Also, keep checking your mirrors because it's vital to scan the front, back and sides of your car in order to stay aware of the surroundings.

  1. Keep distance with your front car

In urban areas, you will find yourself driving alongside other cars, buses, and bikes a lot. Tailgating and cutting into queues on such busy roads can lead to dangerous situations. You never know when a car in front of you hits the emergency brakes and you end up banging the car. Not only this, but it can also be distracting for the other driver. Hence, to avoid any trouble, always leave some space between your car and the car in front. Cautious driving will not only protect you but also save your car from any extreme damage.

Rural Driving

Rural areas are completely different from the city. The roads are not empty but you will always find some other companions along the way, like horses, cows, sheep, along with farm machinery. Not only this, but the narrow winding roads with tight bends also make it difficult for you to drive freely on these roads. On these unfamiliar turns, you might need to hit the brakes and change gear quite often than usual. To drive safely on these rural roads, there is a completely different set of rules which you should follow in order to have a comfortable and safe drive.

  1. Be aware of the speed limit

Driving on a country road is far trickier than it seems. The speed limit of these roads are usually high, around 60 mph-80 mph, but it is not necessarily safe to meet them. But if you drive at that speed, the chances of you ending up into a hospital will increase tremendously.

  1. Be cautious when you approach a tractor coming from the other way

Even though on the countrysides, we move at quite a high pace but sometimes our momentum is slowed down due to tractors on the road. On such occasions, drivers are likely to lose their temper. The best way to handle these situations is by slowing down your speed and let the tractor pass by, after that, you can again speed up and head to your destination.

  1. Be patient and wait till farm animals cross the road

You need to be considerate while driving near animals. Being angry and using the horn continuously will not get you to your destination any quicker. The general rule is to decelerate as soon as you spot animals. And if you see a farmer herding cows and cattle across the road then turn off your engine and wait patiently until the road is clear.

  1. Drive at a pace that you are comfortable with at night

The unknown rural area becomes even more dangerous at night. Sharps turns and twists mean blind corners and tight spaces along with numerous potholes and dumps along the way. Be extra vigilant at night and drive carefully as the scared lighting can affect your vision.

  1. Consider installing a night vision camera in your car

Night driving means risk and uncertainty, especially when you are driving in the countryside. Most of the streets in rural areas have no lights which can be unsafe and threatening for the driver. Sometimes, even the high-beam and illuminated light even fails to spot the obstacles in such deserted and low-lit thoroughfares. The most effective way to protect yourself from these high-risk situations is by equipping your car with a night vision camera. And not just any camera, install Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision Camera because it is specially designed for your nighttime adventures. Its 8" IPS display provides full-color images at 1080 HD resolution to reflect the real road situation. In addition to this, its 45-degree wide-angle vision shows a wide view of the road. This camera extends up to 300m ahead to allow the drivers to see further ahead to take any precautionary measure in advance. So whether you are driving at day or night, this camera will make your journeys secure and safe.

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