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Safety Driving Tips for People with Low Night Vision

Jun 29, 2021, 2:18 pm / Lara

Humans beings have certain limitations on their being. There are some boundaries that human nature cannot overcome. One of these barriers includes their disability to see clearly at night. When the daylight fades and the moon appears brightly in the sky the peripheral vision of the human eye diminishes. Unlike other creatures such as owls and cats which have a much sharp vision of the night, human beings are unable to see accurately in darkness.

Hence, low visibility issues can be a serious threat while driving at night. If a person is incapable of comprehending any forthcoming danger that may occur due to darkness, he can evidently become a victim to road accidents. The National Safety Council claims that "Traffic death rates are three times greater at night than during the day."

So if you are frequently driving at night you must follow these simple road safety tips to help you stay safe on your trips:

Keep a regular eye test

Age factor is one of the major reasons behind various eye-related diseases. If you are suffering from cataract or night blindness it could be fatal for you in your travels under the moonlight. Maintaining a healthy diet that can enhance your eyesight and going for a monthly eye checkup is the best way to cope with your low night vision problems. Visit your eye specialist, grab the right type of lens for your eyes or use glasses with AR coating to reduce the effect of glare at night can notably cut down the risks of any calamities that may occur on dark streets.

Control light levels inside your car

If you are driving on a dimly lit road the bright lights inside the car can make it difficult for you to apprehend any upcoming dangers. So, if you don't want to get distracted by the brightly lit dashboard and led yourself into any sort of emergencies it is wise to diminish the dashboard's LED by using the dashboard dimmer switch. Avoiding all kinds of intense lights inside the car will give you a better chance to adjust to the dark hours of twilight.

Use a well-maintained vehicle

Before you set out on your night trip it is extremely important to check the general maintenance of your car. Using a well-maintained vehicle will give you a better chance of taking quick responses in case of trouble. Make sure that your rearview mirror and windshields are all spotlessly clean inside out. Along with this make it certain that the headlights, as well as rear lights, are fully functional. This will not only enlighten your way but will also help other drivers around you. So, keep your vehicle up to date and then safely hit the pedals towards your destination.

Plan your route carefully

Traveling at night could be more perilous if it is an unfamiliar route where in case of emergencies, you will have no idea which is the safest turn to take. So to avoid these types of scenarios it is sensible to plan your way beforehand. Take assistance from Google Maps to help you plan your late-night trips. Try to escape routes having a high volume of traffic. Single out streets that you are familiar with and choose lanes where you know all the interactions. This will give you an upper hand advantage if you get involved in an unpleasant situation and you will be able to reach your destination safely.

Assisted by the night vision system

Night driving is always associated with high risks of frightful incidents. People with low night vision ability are likely to become prey to the dark night. Now the best solution to this problem is to get an extra pair of eyes that can benefit you on the dark road. There is a wide range of car night vision systems(NVS) available in the market that can easily solve this problem. Since cars with built-in NVS are unaffordable for an ordinary person, the best option is to use an external NVS such as Lanmodo Vast Pro NVS.

Lanmodo NVS can prove to be your true friend on the dark road because of its exceptional features. This device works on an active infrared system that uses a low-light image technique that gives a 1080p high-resolution image. The bright and clear image of any possible hazard helps you stay alert under any circumstances. The camera can cover up a distance of 300m in front with a viewing angle of 45° providing you with a full view of your path. Plus, it works effectively in all types of weather conditions and is very easy to install. So, all your worries can be easily resolved by this cost-friendly NVS.

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