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Safety Driving Tips for Driving on Country Roads

Nov 19, 2019, 11:38 am / Abigail Williams

Driving on rural roads is quite challenging because these roads are off the main highway and are often rough, and you don't know them well. While the change of scenery may bring surprises, driving on a country road, which is unusual and unknown to you, may result in unexpected and unfortunate incidents. Fortunately, we have some safe driving tips to make sure that you arrive at your destination with no harm.

1. Look out for animals

Unlike in the city, you may encounter animals on the country roads, especially in the evening and at dusk, because animals often come out at these times. When you see them crossing your path, gently step on the brakes, flash your lights and hit the horn. Remember not to swerve, because it may cause your car to roll.

2. Adjust your speed

Some country roads have signposts of limited speed at 40 km/hr; but it does not mean that you drive at that speed. Just like driving in the city, you should adjust your speed according to the conditions of the road. Don't forget that the state of the country roads change very quickly and what might be around the next bend is not known to you. There are some things that you might encounter such as potholes, single lane bridges, narrow sections, livestock/wildlife, railroad crossings or even broken tree branches.

3. Use a night vision assistant

In most cases, a driver's vision is affected in at night, when it rains or during foggy weather, driving on country road would make it more difficult. If you're driving in the dark, it is worth remembering that country roads do not have sufficient lights that even using your full beam may not be of much help. In addition, it may also blind the oncoming driver. Instead, we recommend that you use a night vision assistant, so you can see what is ahead of you clearly.

The Lanmodo night vision assistant uses a 7G full glass camera to capture crisp image even in dark environment. It provides 1080p high resolution, full-color picture in real time, which can help drivers see the road ahead better and avoid accidents. With a 36-degree vision angle, the night vision assistant can widen your night vision and allow you to see as far as 300 meters (about 900 feet). Knowing the road situation in advance enables you to take the necessary measures to prevent something dangerous from happening.

The Lanmodo night vision assistant is very effective, especially in dark surroundings or during rains and fog. It is a user-friendly gadget due to its portability and easy-to-use feature. Besides being suitable for 99% of car makes and models, it can be bought at very affordable prices.

4. Plan the route and be prepared

Driving would be much easier if you plan the trip in advance, even so if you are not familiar with the country road. The internet may be weak, so if you can, take a map and mark out the dangerous or rough spots, it will remind you to take more care when going through. There are far more dangers or risks in country roads than in the city, so you should always be prepared to encounter the unexpected.

5. Go through mud roads carefully

If the rain is in large drops and with a lot of force, it can turn the country road into a soft muddy surface. This condition is dangerous for driving, as it can be unbelievably slippery, remember to slow down and drive carefully. In addition, there will be a lot of activity in the countryside during the harvest time; you may encounter farm vehicles on rural roads, there will be a lot of mud left on the road that you should be careful of.

6. Pass the narrow roads fast

Some country roads are too narrow that they can be an issue with the ever-increasing number of vehicles today. If the road that you need to travel through can only allow one vehicle to pass at a time, traverse it fast, but with care. When another car comes towards you, and you are still on it, there can be a problem.

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