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Safety Advice for Driving in Fog

Jun 28, 2021, 8:31 pm / Evelyn Smith

When you can't avoid and need to drive in a fog, always remember that it could be a difficult and dangerous condition. Visibility is reduced, spotting hazards is hard and judging distances becomes difficult for the driver. Fog does not commonly occur, but it can create optical illusions. You may have difficulty determining if other vehicles are oncoming or you might also misjudge your own speed.

Even if you are a well-experienced driver, you could still need much effort and skill to drive in a fog. Here are 8 driving tips that could help you handle the tricky situation.

1. Use low beam lights

Your ability to see what is in front of you will sharply reduce in a fog, so you need to use low beam headlights to light up the road. When you're driving in a fog, it is prohibited to use high beam headlights, as the light from it will be reflected back by the fog and might lead you to an accident.

2. Keep the windshields clean

Before you drive in a fog, make sure your windshield is clean. Moisture can cling onto the dirt that is on the outside of the windshield. Besides, moisture and ice can cause glare, making it even harder for you to see. Give your windshield a complete cleaning to have the best possible view.

3. Switch fog lights on

If the visibility drops below 100 meters (328 ft.) and your car has fog lights, turn them on. These devices use a color and position that keeps you away from the glare of the headlights.

4. Increase following distance

When you notice there's a fog, ensure that you increase the distance between the car in front of you and your car. By doing this, you will be given more time to react, because fog lessens visibility and you might not be able to see vehicles, people or objects until they are too close.

5. Follow the road lines

When you drive in fog, it is easy to move out of your lane, which you should not do. Instead, follow the road lines or stay on the right side of the road. Avoid passing other cars and changing lanes and keep yourself abreast with the position of the oncoming traffic.

6. Use your ears

It means that you pay extra attention to sounds that surround you, as your visibility is impaired. This is part of driving safely, in a fog. Turn off the radio and never allow yourself to get distracted, especially by your passengers. If required, inform the passengers of your car to remain quiet and calm. Improve awareness, by opening the car window a little, so that you can hear outside.

7. Stop if you need to

Prepare yourself to make a rapid stop, as cars, bikes and people can suddenly appear from nowhere. If you want to wait out the fog, before continuing with your trip, pull up at the side of the road and turn your hazard lights on. You can stop by a gasoline station or any roadside venue and be safe too.

8. Use the Lanmodo driving assistant

You need a device that can help you see when you drive in a fog, as the human vision is not enough to make you see things clearly, which might lead you to an accident. We are referring to the Lanmodo driving assistant. This innovative product offers a 1080P HD resolution with images in full color and lets you see things and animals better than your naked eyes.

Even when you drive in a fog, the Lanmodo safe driving assistant provides a wider view of the road, with its 45-degree angle vision. Normally the driving assistant extend its view distance to as far as 300 meters away, in foggy day this function is also impacted, but it still sees farther than your own eyes. Really, the Lanmodo driving assistant provides a lot of advantages and it is easy to install and use, too. Even people who are not the DIY kind can easily install it, without having to bring the car to a shop. You simply choose between two easy types of installation, suction cup or a mat and you're done. Moreover, this product is very, very affordable. While the built in night vision gadgets cost $2,500 or more, Lanmodo can be purchased for only $369 or $459 at the Lanmodo website and other authorized outlets.

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