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Safe Night Driving: Ways to Enhance Your Night Vision

Jun 29, 2021, 4:17 pm / Lara

With winter right knocking the door, you can already notice that the period during the daytime is getting shorter while the nighttime is becoming longer. This means an increase in the number of accidents, as night driving is a challenging task even for experienced drivers. This happens due to many factors like lower light intensity, fatigue, and many more. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, statistics of fatalities triple during the night time. Hence, it is very important to take certain precautions to make night driving safe and secure. Listed below are techniques that will considerably help you to enhance your night vision.

1. Use a car night vision system

With the new innovations, technology has also evolved and introduced the car night vision system which helps to perceive pedestrians, cyclists, animals, or any upcoming potential hazards beforehand in conditions when light intensity is low or in snowy and rainy weather. Some car night vision system makes use of the passive system while others make use of the active system. These devices greatly help to reduce accidents while night driving or poor weather conditions. There are numerous night vision systems out there in the market. Among them is the Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system, which is so far the cheapest device with impressive performance. The Lanmodo Vast allows the driver to clearly view 1080HD, full-color, moving images up to 300m ahead of the vehicle. Along with a 45° wide-angle, it captures a broad view of the road. It offers a crystal clear image of the road not only in low light conditions but also in rainy or snowy weather conditions. Most importantly, it can be mounted to 99% of the car models, making it accessible by a large number of customers.

2. Always keep car windows clean

It is not only crucial to keep car windows and windshield clean so that your car looks nice and fresh. But keeping the windshield clean will help you to enhance your night vision. A windshield may seem to be clean during the daytime, but as the light intensity decreases you might be able to notice traces, resulting in glare at night. The glare can distract the driver and result in a terrible accident. Do not clean the window by your hand or any cloth as it will create more streaks, hence more glare. It is recommended to wipe the windshield by the newspaper. Similarly, you must wipe off dust and mist from side mirrors or windows using cotton or microfiber cloth. Always keep a microfiber cloth in your car.

3. Avoid wearing yellow-tinted glasses

It is assumed by many individuals that wearing yellow-tinted glasses during night driving helps to eliminate glare if any. However, there is no scientific research to verify this assumption. In fact, by wearing yellow-tinted glasses at night makes it dangerous to drive as it reduces the light intensity for the driver, making it extremely tough for the driver to detect objects and hazards on the road. However, it is suggested by experts to wear prescribed glasses or reflective glasses while driving. Such glasses consist of an anti-reflective coating which does not only allow an adequate amount of light to pass through but it also deters the excessive light from rebounding around your lenses and damaging them.

4. Protect and strengthen your vision

You should take care of your eyes as night driving puts them in great strain. To reduce eye fatigue don't look in a specific direction, remember to move your eyes here and there. Moreover, if you are below 40 get your eyes examined after every three years; if above 40, then get them checked after every two years. Make sure to keep a healthy diet and include Vitamin A, green vegetables, fish, food rich in anthocyanin, lecithin, sulfur, and cysteine in your diet to strengthen your vision.

5. Avoid looking on headlights of oncoming vehicles

Never stare at the bright light, especially the headlights of oncoming vehicles, as it can blind you temporarily. This temporary blindness can result in a disastrous accident. Yes, it may catch your attention due to darkness all around you but refrain from focusing on a bright light. Moreover, as we grow older our capability to adjust from bright light to dim light deteriorates drastically. Thus, look on the road markings ahead of you and concentrate on your driving.

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