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Safe Driving Tips Everyone Should Know

Jun 28, 2021, 8:36 pm / Abigail Williams

Driving is an everyday affair for many. It is a basic requirement in life. However, it is prone to quite a few types of mishaps if safety measures are not taken appropriately. A few of the safe driving tips which are mainly along the lines of precautions are mentioned below. Follow them and be safe at all times.

Part 1 Tips for driving at night

  1. Use headlights correctly- Different headlights are for different purposes. Do not use a high beam when driving through a dense traffic area. This causes discomfort to the eyes of the driver coming from the other side as well. Therefore, be judicious in use.
  2. Get night vision systems- These are devices that help in enhancing the vision of a driver, especially at night. A night vision system is of two types, internal and external. The external ones are preferred as they are cheap and effective, and Lanmodo Vast Pro car night vision system has been recommended by many drivers. It consists of high-resolution camera that captures what lies in front of it and displays the images on a high-definition screen with clarity and contrast. Thus, the driver gets a clue of what lies in front and can regulate their vehicle accordingly. Since night driving is riskier than normal driving, such a system is a perfect piece of technology that can alleviate the safety parameter of a vehicle.
  3. Pay attention to oncoming lights- You might take all the precautions of using the proper headlights at all times. However, you cannot expect the same from everyone. When you are driving at night, you should be wary of the headlights of the vehicles coming from the opposite side. Don't look at them directly or stare at them at any time. This is again a problem associated with night driving itself.
  4. Don't be distracted- Distractions can prove to be costly while driving at night. You should not check your phone or navigate and use it for any purpose. If it is some kind of emergency, it is always better to stop the vehicle at the side and finish the conversation. Stay away from these distractions at all times.

Part 2 Highway driving safety tips

  1. Stay in the right lane- One of the most important aspects of highway driving is lane maintenance. Generally, higher speed is allowed on a highway as the roads are broader and traffic is less. This makes it prone to accidents as well. One way of doing so is by sticking to your particular lane while driving and not switching it suddenly or frequently. The other vehicles will get a clue about your car then.
  2. Be careful of trucks- Highway means heavy-duty vehicles running for long distances, mainly transportation trucks. These are prone to accidents. The drivers are generally tired and the accuracy while driving might be compromised. Make sure you are not close to a truck while driving on a highway.

Part 3 Driving safely in the rain

  1. Keep windshield and wipers clean- A windshield is important as you will see what lies in front of you through this. Keep it clean at all times so that your vision is not hindered, especially during rain. Wipers help to keep them clean. Therefore, make sure that the wipers are working optimally.
  2. Increase distance and reduce speed- When it is raining, the road gets wet. It becomes difficult for the tire to get proper traction and hold out of it. Brakes won't work effectively and your vehicle can slip and skid. Keep as much distance as possible from the vehicle in front of you. Also, ensure that your speed is under control and never go beyond what is needed.
  3. Watch out for big "puddles"- These are water-filled holes that form on the road when it rains badly. Since these puddles get filled with water, it is impossible to judge their depth. Therefore, approach them with extreme caution.
  4. Turn on your defroster- Because of change in the temperature when it rains, the windows might get fogged and it can become difficult to see. Use a defroster to get rid of this problem.

Part 4 Long driving tips

  1. Plan ahead- Spontaneity is not ideal if you plan to go for a long trip. Plan every step of your course properly before commencing.
  2. Keep comfortable in the car- Comfort is of the essence when planning a long trip. Therefore, set your car up in a way so that it is not compromised in any manner.
  3. Eat well, sleep well- You should be well fed and rested before you set out for your long drive. These factors should not play a confounding role later.
  4. Share the drive- Have multiple people in the group who can drive so that you can share the workload of driving accordingly.
  5. Obey the road rules- Even though your drive might be long, keep obeying the road rules at all times to avoid accidents.

Part 5 Safe driving tips for seniors

  1. Schedule regular vision and hearing tests- Get a regular check-up done especially as your vision and hearing ability should not be compromised while driving.
  2. Only drive when in good condition- Elderly people should make certain exceptions and drive when the conditions are conducive.
  3. Update driving skills- New driving skills are cropping up by the day which helps in better modern-day driving. Stay updated about it at all times.

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