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Safe Driving Tips At Dark Winter Nights

Jun 29, 2021, 4:13 pm / Abigail Williams

Driving during the winter months, especially after dark, is more difficult than the rest of the year. Prolonged periods of darkness and adverse weather makes driving hazardous. Different weather conditions bring about different hazards all throughout the winter season, and this is prevalent in different areas. However, with a little extra care and some safe driving tips, you can improve the driving safety.

1. Time To Check Your Vehicle

Cars need regular maintenance so that they can continue to function in an intended manner. The need to give cars careful check increases during the winter season, so that they keep the drivers safe on the road. Below are the most important maintenance parts.

  1. Lights- The most important thing to take care of here is to check the lights of your car. As winter comes with longer night and often gloomy day, well-performed headlights will help a lot while driving. Make sure they are in the right condition before you head out.
  2. Battery- Did you know a change in temperature can cause a serious impact on both the performance and life of your car battery? The liquid electrolyte solution in most car batteries is affected by cold or hot weather. Though only extremely low temperatures can cause your car battery to freeze, however, the cold can cause the solution present in the battery to reduce its ability to transfer maximum power. This is the reason why cars take longer to start in winter.
  3. Tire- As tire pressure continues to drop beyond the recommended level in winter cold weather, and low tire pressure will affect the driving experience, so it's check to inflate the tires in winter.

2. Prepare A Tool Kit

Imagine the scenario you would be in if your car came to a halt in a snowy winter night, what would you do? Would you have all the crucial things needed to be warm all the while trying to reach safely? Take a look at the list of things that you should prepare at all times during winter.

  1. Blankets- They will provide you with the comfort you need to stay warm.
  2. Ice scraper- This is something that will come in handy if there is snow accumulated on your car, clean the snow off your car timely will also help you to maintain proper visibility.
  3. First aid kit- Be sure to add a first aid kit to your car, which is a must forwinter driving.
  4. Jumper cables- If something were to happen to the batteries of your car, this would come to your aid.
  5. Washer fluid- You can't use water during winter, always choose washer fluid.

3. Use A Night Vision Assistant

The Lanmodo night vision assistant is a state-of-the-art equipment that is bound to come in handy during winter driving, especially at night or in dark conditions. This device uses light magnification technology, so it can capture clear image even if there is faint light. It provides 1080P high resolution and full-color image, which means you don't have to strain your eyes to see clearly; just take a glance on the screen, and you will know the real situation of the road, greatly help reduce accidents. What's more, usually low beam illuminates 60m and high beam illuminates 80m, but Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision assistant can reach up to 300m, drivers will know the road condition in advance.

4. Fill Up On Gas

Usually winter driving consumes more oil because it needs time to warm up. When you have less gas present in your car, you may encounter to a lot of problems. From less traction to freezing fuel line - everything can be avoided if you have a tank full of gas during winter.

5. Maintain Distance

As there are often snow or ice on the road, friction will decrease and it takes more time to completely stop your car if any incident happens. So maintain more than necessary distance between your car and the one ahead of you. And remember to drive more slowly on slippery roads.

Our above mentioned, easy to follow solutions will help you to drive safely during the dark, winter nights, share them with your friends, family, and acquaintances for safety always come first.

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