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Rainy Weather Safe Driving Tips You Should Know About

Sep 27, 2019, 9:10 am / Lara

Of all the fun and interesting things that you could do while its pouring cats and dogs outside, driving is definitely not on the list. It can be stressful to drive through the chaos of lightning, thunder, and heavy rain. According to the United States Department of Transportation more than 700,000 accidents take place due to rain. So, what is it that one should do to prevent such situations? Today, we are going to discuss a few easy yet effective means to feel safe and secure on the road during the rainy season.

When you're behind the wheel of a rain splattered windshield it really doesn't have to be a nerve wracking, white knuckled experience. Follow these professional and effective drive in the rain tips and tricks.

1. Avoid cruise control

Cruise control is a newly invented technology that enables drivers to fix a vehicle's accelerator on a specific speed, so you can take your foot off the pedal, so the point is to maintain a speed But there are situations when cruise control should be avoided, that is when driving on slippery roads. Remember to turn off the cruise control when the road is covered by snow or rainy water, because in such case, it increases the chance of sliding and thus may causing more serious damage.

2. Adopt safe driving assistant

Technology creates better life, and this is true in safe driving field. Lanmodo safe driving assistant is created to maintain driving safety when driving in difficult situations like dark night, rainy and foggy weather. If you face difficulty seeing the road clearly while driving during the rain, then this is the best assistant to guide you through.

This driving system uses a camera made of 7G full glass to capture clear image, and then relay it to its modestly sized 8.2-inch screen. The Lanmodo safe driving assistant has been tested and proved to function efficiently during rainy days. The image of the road ahead that you will see on the screen will be in 1080P, basically reflect the real situation. The pictures will be in color, unlike the other regular devices that project black and white, poor quality image of the road. When you have the wonderful Lanmodo safe driving assistant, the view of the road will broaden. This way you will know what lies ahead on the road from before and prevent causes of accidents.

3. Slow down and keep distance

Wet roads and pavements cause the tires of your car to lose traction, and high speed will make it more difficult to stop the car in emergency situation. It is, therefore, advisable to drive slowly and maintain proper distance with other vehicles. This way you will be able to control your car.

4. Defog your windows

Precipitation is the reason behind causing fog to accumulate on your windshield quickly. That's why you must constantly put the front as well as rear defrosters to use. This will enhance visibility.

5. Don't use high beam

Unless it is urgent, you must prohibit the use of high beams. This can blind the other drivers who are coming from the other side or direction. There is another problem that high beams cause. During fog or rain the high beams will reflect and this will cause glare. This makes it even more difficult to see clearly what lies ahead. Don't follow the vehicle that is ahead of you too closely.

6. Brake smoothly

Always follow the speed limit while driving as they are set keeping in mind the ideal weather conditions. Overconfidence and speeding in adverse weather conditions will eventually lead to hydroplaning. Don't slam on the brakes and it is especially true while driving on slippery, wet roads. When you apply pressure on the brakes smoothly, early, and slowly it will prevent mishaps on the road.

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