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Poor Road Conditions: Pay Attention to Where You Drive

Jun 30, 2021, 4:03 pm / Evelyn Smith

There is no denying the fact that road conditions worsen with time, especially when the weather is very inclement and being very cautious while driving is of utmost importance in this situation. There have been so many reported cases of accidents where a vehicle hit a pothole unceremoniously or slipped on icy roads and gone off course. Sometimes it might be caused by the lack of lights as well when it gets really dark at night. These kinds of accidents can be avoided if the driver is careful and pays complete attention to the road while driving. A few of the situations where the road conditions become a serious issue and the solutions attached to it are mentioned below.


Bridges are generally built to connect roads on two sides of lands which may be separated by a natural or man-made structure. They are made of metals in most places though the scaffolding may be of wood as well. During the time of rain and snow, the bridges might become excessively necessary and extremely difficult to drive. Sometimes, they are not well-protected and you may be one step away from disaster if you are driving. Thus, it is very important that you are sure of the structural durability of the bridge and drive very slowly and carefully. Make sure that too many vehicles are not on the bridge together and make way for others where possible.


Sometimes, the roads are capped off by tunnels when an overhead road or a passage needs to be constructed. Though these tunnels generally have lights installed, it is not sufficient most of the time, reducing visibility significantly. Top that with slippery roads and it calls for a dangerous situation. If the road you have taken goes through a tunnel, make sure you switch on the headlights to full power and follow all the rules of driving safety. Avoid other vehicles if possible.


Unfortunately, the road conditions in villages are generally bad as they remain neglected for long. The situation worsens at night as there is a lack of streetlights and the roads are not well-lit. Chances of animals jumping in front of a vehicle without any warning are also quite high. Assistance using a car night vision system can be really helpful here and the Lanmodo Vast Pro Automotive Night Vision System is definitely the one to choose. It comes with high-quality cameras fitted on the front and rear side with an ultra-high definition screen displaying the images. The tonal contrast of the images are phenomenal and the images obtained are similar to the ones in the day as they are HD full-color. A 300-meter view with a 45-degree wide angle are some features that make Lanmodo Vast Pro the number one choice.


This is commonly seen in hilly and mountainous roads which generally goes up and down. Just like going up needs proper driving, the downhill journey is a little more dangerous as there is a lesser control of speed and chances of swerving and skidding. Generally, drivers use brakes excessively in this kind of situation which tends to overheat the brakes and damage them. If you are not aware of it, there might be an accident because of brake failure. Make sure you get regular servicing done for your car, especially the brakes and keep the speed as low as possible while exercising full control.


When the vehicles are loaded beyond capacity and it has to go uphill, the center of gravity of the vehicle goes up which increases its chances of toppling either backward or sideways. One sure shot method of avoiding a mishap is to ensure that the vehicle is not overloaded and even if it is, go slowly, keeping the gear shifts in mind.


Mountain roads are seldom straight and have a meandering course as they navigate the terrain. It is very common to have sharp bends as well, with the face of the mountain forming a blind side for the driver. The most dangerous aspect is the fact that the other side is a cliff more often than not. Precaution is very important in this situation. Drive extremely slow here and honk repeatedly to ensure that any vehicle coming from the other side is aware of your presence.


Icy roads are very slippery and it gets difficult to get any kind of traction as friction is compromised. Thus, vehicles tend to skid and slip off the road or may hit another vehicle unintentionally. Careful and skillful driving is the immediate requirement while keeping a track on the treads on the tires and ensuring that they are not too worn out will definitely help.


Bad weather like rain and snow leads to low visibility and dangerous road conditions. Taking some precautions definitely helps in this situation like driving slowly, using high power headlights and not the xenon powered ones. Do not drive behind a car in this situation as you won't have a view of what lies ahead and a sudden break by them can lead to an accident.

There is no substitute for cautious driving while traveling in bad road conditions and it can prevent quite a few unnecessary mishaps if all the norms are followed.

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