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Planning Long Car Trip? What to Do?

Jun 28, 2021, 7:53 pm / Brian Lageose

Looking outside the window at the blue sky and feeling the fresh breezes of the stupendous atmosphere. Well, this may be the perfect weather to go on a long road excursion and ease your mind as well as raise your spirit.

A long car trip along with your close buddies, during the ravishing climate, will not only develop a positive impact on your overall health but will also allow you to explore the deepest areas of the vast country. But while cherishing this mind refreshing journey never underestimate the road dangers that may arise any second. You can assure your driving safety by planning each and every step of your trip in advance. To make your car travels mesmerizing and free of hindrances be sure to follow up certain points:

Have a good rest before hitting the road the next day.

Although you must be feeling excited the day before your trip but don't forget to take a good rest before setting off. A well-rested sleep before a long journey will keep you energized on the road. Go to bed early that night and take a sound sleep that way you will be able to focus on your driving the next day.

Take with both electronic map and paper map.

As this is a road hike you may lose your way or get bewildered as to what route to take. To resolve this issue be certain that you have an electronic map together with a paper map in your backpack. Power up your smartphones to assist you in relocating yourself or to determine an alternative route towards your destination with the help of GPS or Google map. Try to use your smartphone in a smart way.

Don't drive fatigued and take interval break.

You are bound to get tired due to the long driving. Driving with a tired state of mind is surely going to lend you in a risky situation. Don't tire yourself before the start of the long road trip. And once on the road whenever you feel dizzy or exhausted take a short break. Drink a cup of coffee or sleep for a short while.

Prepare first aid-kit and toolbox for the car.

At the time of packing your stuff keep in mind to prepare a first aid kit along with a toolbox with you. Put some basic items in these kits including bandages, few medicines, antiseptics, scissors, sticky tape, spare batteries and tires, safety gear, screwdrivers, pliers and reflective triangle.

Give your car a comprehensive inspection.

Surely you don't want a car break down in the middle for your exciting trip. It would be sensible to give your car a complete thorough inspection. Wash the car, clean the glass surfaces, fix the brakes, indicators and headlights and fill the fuel tank to the brim. If necessary pay a visit to a car mechanic.

Pack food and drink that can help refresh your body.

Hunger is sure to strike you on your road expedition. You will burn your calories on the unexpected paths ahead of you. So, before the start of your travel pack all your favourite snacks and food to kill your appetite on the road. Take with you fresh drinks, juices and excess water to avoid dehydration. You can also carry some non-perishable items with you to eat them.

Try to use night vision for assistance at night.

As the sun goes down and the sky is filled with sparkling stars you will have trouble in navigating the routes before you. To control driving in the darkness of the night it is best to use a night vision device. The most famous one in the market is Lanmodo. The Lanmodo Vast Pro car night vision camera has a Sony chip within it that works on the advance principles of active infrared technology and yields an ultra-high quality image. The lens of the camera has seven glass pieces that allow it to capture high definition images from a distance of 300 m. A benefitting feature of this device is the easy installation process. Simply plug it to the 12V cigarette lighter port or through the OBD port in the vehicles. This portable car night vision device is a modern way to assist drivers and allow them to better cope with the shady night.

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