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Night-time Animal Car Accidents: How to Prevent Them

Jun 5, 2019, 9:01 am / Evelyn Smith

Night driving is quite a thing in the cities and towns with cars rushing down the highroads and people flooding the streets. However, driving on the outskirts or through the woods can be quite a challenging task even for the expert drivers during a day. When the night lodges in, driving becomes more difficult. The challenges go some notches up when the wild animals, without much knowledge about the approaching cars, try to cross the roads. According to research, the highest risk times for animal collision with vehicle range from sunset to midnight.

Reasons for animal car accidents

The living situation gets very difficult for the animals, who faces the decrease in habitats, so they are forced to involve in mankind world. Which, in turn, adding trouble to many drivers in suburb areas. The trauma of killing an innocent life is not something one can forget and hamper the drive through the rest of the track. Animal car accidents can be caused due to several reasons.

  1. The pitch darkness of roads makes it impossible to locate an animal that might be lurking in a corner
  2. Sometimes, the drivers are careless, not notice an animal trying to cross the roads
  3. Animal habitats is decreasing, so they appear more on driveways
  4. Animals are unpredictable and easily get scared by approaching vehicles

The number of accidents recorded

There are some data relating to many such real cases as well. Some of them are as noted:
It was estimated that the number of animal car accidents per year exceeded 1 million in the 1990s . There are about 155-211 deaths, 13,713-29,000 injuries, and 1 billion dollars property loss per year caused by such accidents.

According to the reports of 2004, about more than 26,000 injuries were noted that took place because of animals and cars. In half of the cases, it happened due to the hitting of the animals, while another half report accidents that occurred while saving the animal by swerving the wheels. The latest federal highway data of 2000 reveals that each year there are about 2,47,000 crashes that involve animals.

Methods to prevent animal-vehicle collision

The installments of the night vision camera for cars can help reduce many accidents across the world. They provide clear image while you are driving down the roads. There are some ways, which when followed, can at least reduce the mortality of these innocent creatures on the road.

  1. Pay attention to animal crossing signs

There are several signs for the animals that might just hop onto your ways even without your knowledge. So, keeping an eye on those signs will help you stay cautious and focused, while driving on the road.

  1. Honk your horn instead of flashing your lights

While driving through the half-lit trails, do honk instead of just flashing your lights. The lights sometimes confuse the animals and they start approaching your vehicle mistaking it as some kind of danger for them. The honking will make them alert and they might jump back into their domains of darkness.

  1. Equip your car with a night vision camera

There is another option to maneuver your car out of their way as well. Lanmodo has launched a new product called the Lanmodo Vast Night Vision Camera for Car, which is a safe driving assistant that can provide 1080p, full-color image in low-light conditions. When you are driving at night, you can use the system to get clear image of what you cannot see with naked eyes. Besides, Lanmodo Vast has 36-degree vision and can see as far as 300M. Therefore you can spot animals far away, thus taking precaution measures and avoid animal vehicle collisions. There can be unpredictable moments when a deer or a raccoon crosses the road and it will be impossible to brake your car all of a sudden. Therefore, it is important to get a fair idea of the ambience beforehand with such a night vision camera.

  1. Take the more care in sharp turns

There can be little creatures that can just be waiting to cross their roads or rest or even leap forward seeing a flashlight. They cause the most of the accidents, as they are whimsical about their actions. You should be conscious to not put their lives on stake.

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