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New Car Tech Features of 2020 that Are Actually Cool

Apr 24, 2020, 9:08 am / Abigail Williams

Come 2020 and you will welcome a host of technological features in your life. From the kitchen gadgets to car devices, every part of our life is improving with technology. The automotive industry is shining bright with some of the most wonderful features out there.

Car gadgets have made driving an enjoyable experience with some of the coolest tech features. We have selected devices that will making your driving much safer and easier. These funny gadgets are so good that you won’t like driving without them.

1. Radar cruise control

Also known as adaptive cruise control, it is a wonderful 2020 safety feature in the cars. This technology makes use of forward-looking radar that detects the speed and distance of the vehicle ahead. It accordingly adjusts the speed of your car to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front. This is done with the help of a longitudinal controller, headway sensor, and digital signal processor.

If the vehicle in front slows down or any other object is detected, a signal is sent to the car engine and braking system to decelerate. Similarly, if the path is clear, the system re-accelerates and gains speed.

2. Assisted steering

Wouldn’t it be relaxing to not worry about the steering constantly? Though technology is yet to bring in self-driving cars, assisted steering has brought quiet a relief for drivers. Assisted steering requires less effort from the driver to maneuver the steering wheel. This gives better control of the car to the driver. Some of the high-end cars make use of sensors and cameras to steer the cars and keep them in the lane, without any effort from the driver.

3. Car night vision system

Technology has not only introduced cool features in the automobiles but some features are real life-savers. The car night vision system is one such tech gift that makes driving a safe experience in unfavorable conditions.

A very practical example of a car night vision system is the Lanmodo Vast automotive night vision. This system comes with a full-color night vision which reflects the actual situation accurately. It has an 8.2” IPS screen that will give you a clear view of the road without any distraction. The night vision system gives you a 36° wide-angle vision. Thus, you can see a broader picture of the road and detect the potential hazards in advance. The Lanmodo car night vision system is a blessing for drivers as it provides safety in poor lighting conditions at night and also in rains and fog during the day.

This system is affordable and is compatible with 99% of the car models. Lanmodo also plans to launch a Pro version of this system that integrates night vision with recording.

4. Launch control

Another impressive 2020 tech feature is the launch control. This feature is nothing but a piece of software that helps you to accelerate the car without much fuss. Manually launching the car can cause damage to a lot of parts. And this is where the launch control comes to the rescue. You just need to push a button and the vehicle will set up for perfect, repeatable launches.

5. Heated and ventilated seats

Hopping into your car on a freezing morning to find perfectly heated seats sound wonderful, isn’t it? All thanks to technology, this feature has made its way into the automobile industry. This feature heats and ventilates the seats inside the car depending upon the temperature outside. Thus, you can be comfortable and relaxed behind the wheels.

6. Head-Up displays

A head-up display is a wonderful safety feature in the cars. Looking down at the fuel indicator or the speedometer takes your eyes off the road and can be extremely dangerous. To reduce the risk, many companies have come up with an innovative head-up display that is fixed in the line of the driver’s sight.

Thus, you don’t have to move your sight and endanger your life and others on the road. Moreover, the latest displays are customizable, and so you can get away with unwanted information and see only what is necessary.

7. Wireless Apple CarPlay

Car gadgets just get cooler with the wireless Apple carplay. This wireless feature allows you to effortlessly connect your phone to the car’s system. Thus, you can view all your phone content on the car display itself. This minimizes the distraction while you are behind the wheel. The Apple carplay feature is safe, convenient, and easier than many others.

Automobile manufacturers are taking advantage of technological advancement and are finding ways to incorporate them into their cars. As a result, customers can benefit from technology in the most appropriate manner and also be safe behind the wheels. Thus, tech and innovation together are making driving a pleasurable experience. Whether you want to travel to work, or simply go on a long drive, these 2020 tech features are sure to impress you.

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