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Mountain Driving: Essential Tips for Safe Driving

Jun 29, 2021, 6:16 pm / Brian Lageose

When learning how to drive, you should understand how to drive on different terrains, such as mountain roads, snow roads, and others. Mountainous road driving can be a lot more challenging than driving on a flat surface. The winding roads, steep hills, low shoulders, and blind curves combined to make driving more difficult. Maintaining safety on mountain road driving can be difficult, this article is dedicated to guiding readers on the best way to go about it.

In this article, you are going to learn about the safety tips that will enable you to enjoy smooth driving on a mountain road. So, you should read to the end of this article to get professional guides on how to navigate your way through mountain roads.

1. Maintain safe speed

Over speed has been associated with the cause of over 70% vehicle accidents. Majority of the avoidable car accidents can be difficult to control or avoid when the driver is at high speed. So, if you are driving on a mountain road, one of the first points of caution should be to avoid over speeding. Maintaining a safe speed while on the mountain road is one of the assured safe driving tips every driver should know.

2. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition

One reason of accidents is driving a car with poor maintenance, failed brakes while on a high speed has been the main causes of car accidents around the globe. Fortunately, such accidents can be avoided just with more care. So, you must make sure your car is in good condition before rolling it out of your carriage to drive on a mountainous road.

3. Ensure your car is well-balanced

There are some things car owners usually overlook that result in a deadly accident. Unbalanced wheel alignment is one thing that can make your car misbehave while climbing a steep hill, blind curves, or take a winding road. Making sure that your car is balanced is one of the ways to avoid difficulty in driving on a mountain road.

4. Make use of tech-improved safe driving assistant

When you want to drive on mountain roads with poor visibility due to low light at night or in a rainy day, one thing you should make sure you have in your car is night vision safe driving assistant. The Lanmodo safe driving assistant can be very helpful in such a situation as it will help to give clear view of the road for easy visibility. There are many reasons why Lanmodo Vast Pro safe driving assistant is a good option for your mountain road:

  1. It offers better visual effects on the 8” display screen. That is necessary for driving on a mountain road with low light, which can provide clear vision.
  2. Wide-angle HD vision, producing a full-colored image in 1080 pixels resolution for clarity on the steep, windy, or curvy mountain road.
  3. It comes with built-in DSP chip capable of offering up to 984ft/300-meter vision coverage. That can help you see as obstacles as far as 300 meters ahead of the mountain to know the best action to take.

It may interest you to note that the Lanmodo night vision system installation is easy, and does not take a lot of time to be completed. With its user-friendliness and plug-and-play design, it is applicable to almost any car owner.

5. Take frequent brakes and brake early

Brakes are an essential part of every vehicle and must be in good condition before driving on the road. Putting the brakes is one of the ways of making sure that car is well-balanced. To maintain safety while you drive on a mountain road, you must apply brakes frequently to avoid the car rolling back. Also, you must be ready to brake as early as possible when you have moved your leg on the throttle pedal.

6. Stay alert

Many drivers have testified of feeling sleepy the moment they mount on their steering wheels. Feeling sleepy, drowsy, or distracted can cause a lot of problem to drivers mostly when they want to drive on mountain roads. That is the major reason why driving under the influence of alcohol or drug is not advisable to anyone. So, to make sure that you stay safe in your mountain driving, you must be sure you are always at alert. Being at alert can be helpful as it will enable you to take the right action at the right time to avoid an accident.

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