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How to Use Headlights Correctly?

Jun 21, 2019, 4:41 pm / Lara

Many might assume that headlights found on a car are there to illuminate the road for you to see better. While that may be true, the headlights are also useful in other ways. For instance, the same way you illuminate the road to see, the headlights on your car allow other people to see you while you are driving. They play a big role in warning both the drivers and the pedestrians.

Understand the headlights of the car

First, you need to understand the headlights and their meaning in your car for you to use them better. There are major and most important headlights found on every car and each of them has its use. For starters, there are the low beam lights. As the name suggests, the lights are minimized to enable nearby vision. High beam lights are the exact opposite. They produce a high level of beams enough to cause blindness. The fog light is that which you use when driving in foggy conditions.

Daytime running lamp, commonly known as DRL, is the light on the front part of your car that lights up automatically when the engine is running. The DRL emits yellow, white or amber lighting. The turn signal is the light that you turn on when taking a sudden turn to the left. It blinks on and off to indicate to other cars and pedestrians of your sudden action. Lastly, there is a double flash light. These beam up on your vehicle to indicate when the driver has an emergency situation.

Use the headlights correctly to keep safe drive

For you to use the headlights correctly, you should understand how each and every one of them functions and when to use them. You should learn about them to ensure total driving safety. The low beam lights should be switched on whenever vision on the road is less than 150 meters. You can use these either during the day or at night or when it's raining, snowy or foggy. During the night, you should turn low beam lights on when the traffic on the road is busy and the road is well lit. While using this light, you should always slow down and keep a safe following distance.

High beam lights are perfect for use during the night and in completely deserted areas. This means that you are to use the lights on the road where there is no other vehicle using it. In case another vehicle approaches and it's within 150 meters, you should switch them to low beam for safety. Basically, you should turn the high beam headlights on when driving at high speeds in dark areas. Headlights using mistake is when you use high beams in bad weather. The light will bounce back to your eyes when it hits drops of water or snow to impair your vision.

Daytime running lights turn on whenever you are driving in dark alleys and roads. They are dim and don't really illuminate your way. Their purpose is to improve the visibility of your car for other drivers to see it. What's more, they add style to your vehicle. Turn signals are usually located on the sides of the vehicle or on the side mirrors. You can only activate this to indicate a turn or when changing lanes. Double flash lights are useful especially when you run out of fuel or when the tires burst. What's more, you can use them when your car makes a sudden halt. You will also find that ambulances use these lights to let other motorists pave way for them.

Other ways to increase driving safety

While headlights are important for safe driving, there are also other ways for you to increase road driving safety. You should be able to see the road clearly from all angles. To achieve this, ensure you adjust the mirrors of your vehicle to cover areas where vision is obstructed. What's more, make sure the windows are in good condition not to interfere with your view. Also, keep checking on your windshield wipers to ensure that they don't get dirt on them. Inspect them on a regular basis for discoloration and cracking. If you find these issues, it is ideal to replace them. Also, you should wipe them every three months.

Another thing to ensure safety while driving is to get a safe driving assistant system. This system works a great deal to guide you throughout your driving actions. If you have one or more of these systems in your vehicle, then they will increase road safety. At night, you can use the night vision system to allow you to see the road clearly. The Lanmodo Vast night vision system is a perfect example there is on the market. It allows you to see clearer the road as it is during the dark and in bad weather. The system uses a front camera to display road images in HD full-color for real-time visibility. With this, there is nowhere you can't reach safely at night or in extremely bad weather such as rain or fog.

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