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How to Stay Safe for Long Distance Winter Trips?

Jun 29, 2021, 4:32 pm / Brian Lageose

When it comes to driving long distances during winter, it is important to decide first whether driving is essential to be done. It is inherently dangerous to drive in severe winter weather and doing it should be avoided, if possible. If you really have to make the trip, the following safety tips will help you stay safe.

1. Be Well Prepared

It means that you should be properly expectant, organized, ready and equipped for your trip. Here is how you can prepare for your winter driving.

  1. Plan your route
  2. Plan your trip in advance and evaluate how long it takes to arrive the destination, so you will drive with more confidence. Make a research and be sure to pay attention to the roads that may have an impact on your route during your winter trip. There are some roads that are prone to snow, especially in the mountainous areas.

  3. Bring vehicle tools and survival kit
  4. During long-distance winter trip, you never know what will happen. You need tools and food when you are stranded or encounter some kind of issues on the road. You need to have an emergency car kit that include ice scraper, booster cable, flashlight,portable charger and a first aid kit. Never forget to bring a winter survival kit containing water and some food items.

  5. Give your car a regular check
  6. Regular checkups keep your car in good running condition, including car fluid, tire, windshield wipers and brake. When you drive in colder weather, the mechanical parts of your vehicle are gradually damaged. Give your car a service, you can identify the potential issues, so they can be corrected before you venture out on the winter roads.

  7. Check weather forecast
  8. If you take time to check the weather forecast, you will know what you're getting into or decide whether you should continue the trip. Knowing the weather condition, you are better prepared and can take measures to handle it.

2. Safe Driving Tips on the Road

  1. Maintain safe speed
  2. This safety tip is important to mention. When the roads you're traversing have snow, ice, it is slippery and will take your car a longer time to stop or slow down than on the dry roads. You need to maintain safe speed or drive more slowly during winter, and remember to increase the following distance between cars.

  3. Use Night Vision Assistant
  4. Long distance winter trips require that you be careful because most of the time, especially at night, when visibility is low and accident risk is higher. However, thanks to modern technology you can now drive safely, with the help from the Lanmodo night vision assistant. It provides better viewing at night, even if there is rain or snow;because it adopts low-light imaging technology and will capture clearer images with just faint light.

    Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision assistant features 1080P, full color image, a wide viewing angle and the ability to enhance the driver's vision, with 300m viewing distance. It means that you will be able to know the real road situation in advance, so that you can act wisely and avoid accidents. The system uses 8” HD display, so it won't cause eye strain. Moreover, it can be fixed on about any type of vehicle, including SUVs, sedans, trucks or buses.

  5. Clean snow off your car completely
  6. It is not a wise thing to think that you need to clean off partly or just enough snow, so that you can see properly. The snow on the hood, if not cleaned off, might blow on your windshield and blind you. And melted snow will damage your car paint, so ensure to clean the snow timely.

  7. Stay in your lane
  8. Unless it is necessary, avoid changing lanes. It is difficult to pass safely if there is a large quantity of snow on the highway, covering the lane markings, just stay on your lane and patiently follow the car in front of you. Make sure that you observe enough distance, so that you can stop safely, when the car you are following makes a stop.

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