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How to Stay Safe Behind the Wheel?

Jun 29, 2021, 5:19 pm / Abigail Williams

The ratio of road accidents in the US has increased tremendously in past couple of years. Around 30,000 people die every year due to unfortunate mishaps on the road. Moreover, due to lack of safety precaution more than 2 million people get injured in the tragic car accidents. Besides, safety should always be the top concern of every driver because when you are behind the wheel, you are not only responsible of your own safety but also in charge of other people's life. Hence, it has become crucial to know the basics of safe driving and practice them when you are on the road.

Safety Guide for Teens

  1. Don't play Radio or iPod while driving

Distraction and negligence is one of main cause of increasing number of road accidents among the teens. The constant use of mobile phone while driving makes them lose their concentration from the road. Due to this diverted attention they not only keep their lives at risk but also put other drivers in danger as well. Avoid multi-tasking and keep 100% mind on the road. Also, you should only change the songs on the radio or iPod when you are stopping at red light.

  1. Be careful when driving around school

Take extra precaution when you are driving nearby any school or college because usually kids are tend to be less careful while crossing the road. Slow down your spend in such areas in order to avoid any kind of casualty. Reducing speed will give you more time to take a preventive measure and decrease the severity of accidents.

  1. Don't carry teen passengers

As mentioned above distraction can lead to disastrous situation while driving. Therefore, inexperienced drivers should never drive along with the kids or teen passengers because they tend to make much noises, which can easily sidetrack the driver's attention. However, if you are travelling with the kids, always make sure to buckle them in their seats so they don't fight or climb around in your car.

  1. Be aware of maintenance issues

Before hitting the road, always make sure that your vehicle is in good condition. Check the engine or the need to change the oil in order to avoid car break down in the middle of the road. Furthermore, brake pads, car tires, headlights and turn signal lights should not be avoided as well. On top of that, make sure the side view mirrors, windows, windshields and rearview mirrors are all cleaned in order to get a clear view of the road.

  1. Stay active

One should always avoid driving when tired. Drowsiness can put the driver in danger as it affects the driver's reaction time and judgement. Hence, resting up before the trip is essential in order to ensure your own safety.

Safety Guide for Seniors

  1. Keep an eye check regularly

Seniors are more prone to accidents as compare to young drivers because most of them suffer from low visibility or certain health issues. Doctors recommend routine eye checkup for people who are 60 or above. Make sure that you do not have any eye-related condition before driving because only 33% of natural light reach the retina of a senior driver. Therefore, senior drivers needs to take protective measures in advance.

  1. Use familiar routes

It is recommended that senior drivers should drive on the familiar routes in order to have a safe and comfortable driving experience. When we drive on the known roads, the chances of getting into a car crash also decreases. On the other hand, new routes may have some bumpy roads due to which we can face some difficulty in driving. As a result of which, the risk of crashes increases insignificantly.

  1. Avoid high stress situations

Stress while driving can be very harmful. If you think that you are stressed or unwell then do not get behind the wheel, as it will affect your judgment and will distract you from the road. Being stress can also increase the chances of you falling asleep while driving. Hence, if are not long trips, make sure to stop the car if you are not feeling good and take rest. This will ease your mind and will let you focus on the road in a much better way.

  1. Add night vision system to the car

Seniors, at night time, usually are not able to see moving objects very clearly because of their low eye sight. Headlights are not sufficient enough to help them out in such situation. Therefore, a latest car gadget offers great help to senior drivers, called Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System. It makes the driving experience easier and safer. Through this device, drivers will be able to see around 300m ahead of them in an 8", 1080P HD screen. This device has a 45 degree angle of view which allows a person to see the road very clearly in a full color image. Lanmodo NVS makes it easier for them to detect any person, animal, vehicle or any other obstacle on the road. So now with this device, the seniors will have a smooth journey even in low light surroundings.

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