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How to Keep a Comfortable and Safer Daily Drive?

Jun 29, 2021, 4:38 pm / Brian Lageose

The general socioeconomic status of man has risen over the past few years. Couple that with the affordable prices of cars, there has been an increase in the number of personal vehicles. Some people tend to drive a car daily, mostly for work purposes. Since a significant amount of time is spent on driving every day, it is important that the experience is comfortable and safe. Yes, the cars are equipped with features for the same purpose but there needs to be the maintenance of some sorts by the users as well, for the optimal experience. Here are a few safe driving tips and tricks to keep in mind for a comfortable and safer drive daily.

Tire maintenance

A tire is an integral part of a car. It is the connection between the vehicle and the road. Any discrepancy in it has the potential to cause any untoward accident. Therefore, you should give a lot of attention to the tire.
  1. Check tire pressure- you can check for the tire pressure either using a pressure gauge on your own or go to a mechanic for the same. Try maintaining optimal tire pressure to prevent undue strain on it. Different tires have different pressure requirements. Make sure you conform to that.
  2. Pay attention to tire wear- tires wear and tear over time. The treads of a tire that are responsible for providing a grip to the road get smoothened. The car can skid and slip easily. Keep a check on the wear and tear.
  3. Check the life of the tire- tires do not last for a long period of time. All of them inherently have a life. Be aware of it and start checking for signs of damage early.
  4. Regularly carry out tire transposition- it is always advisable to carry spare tires with you on a journey. You can keep transposition the tires from time to time so that it lasts longer.
  5. Equipped with a tire pump- in case the tire pressure reduces to dangerously low levels, it is better to fill the air on your own. It can be done by using a portable tire pump which you should equip with.

Interior cleaning

Imagine you invite to give someone a lift in your car and it smells unpleasant. Embarrassing, isn't it? It is as important to keep the interior of your car clean as much as your exterior.
  1. Keep regular wash- if you have placed mats, seat covers and headrest covers in your car, wash them regularly. These tend to accumulate a lot of dust over time.
  2. Organize your items- make sure that all the items in your car are in the proper place. Wrong positioning leads to a lot of cluttering.
  3. Carry a car cleaner- have a car cleaner handy. Whenever you get free time, invest some in cleaning the interiors of the car.

Exterior protection

The exterior of your car is always prone to damage from a lot of external sources. It can be due to physical damage, inclement weather and even wearing off of the paint with time.
  1. Wax- the main purpose of this is to protect the paint of the car so that it doesn't wear off. It also protects against scratches.
  2. Car cover- a car cover provides overall protection against the number of potentially harmful elements. It can be in the form of the hot sun, snow, hail or rain. It can also protect against falling objects, especially when parked under a tree.

Tech devices

Since technology has progressed tremendously over the past few years, so has been the case with modern car devices as well. These devices assist in driving and make driving safe and comfortable.
  1. Automatic parking- this is another boon for drivers. It comes with sensors on all sides that detects objects or cars and adjusts the wheel accordingly so that you can park. All you have to do is adjust the speed.
  2. Collision avoidance system- this has saved so many people from damaging their car. This comes with sensors too and approximate any car or obstruction and give a warning in case there is a chance of accident.
  3. Car night vision system- an external night vision system is better than the internal one as it is cheaper and is of superior quality. Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System takes the piece of cake in the market. It consists of high-quality cameras that can capture images even at low light and display them on an 8 inch high-definition screen. The contrast of the images are clear. The viewing angle is 45 degrees and you can see almost 300 meters ahead of you. Thus, you can drive safely at night as you will have the ability to look far ahead and maneuver accordingly, especially when the conditions are inclement.

Keep these tips in mind before heading out for a drive so that it is safe and comfortable as possible.

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