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How to Improve Night Driving Safety for Ambulance Drivers?

Jun 30, 2021, 11:23 am / Lara

You must have seen ambulances and heard its emergency sirens while walking on the road. Ambulance drivers have great responsibility to take the patient to the hospital without wasting any time. Delaying a minute can also be risky for critical patients who need immediate medication. So, the ambulance drivers are generally in a hurry and under pressure because they need to take the patient to the hospital quickly and safely. In such case, the safety of ambulance drivers especially who are driving at night becomes very important. Below we have listed some suggestions to improve night driving safety for ambulance drivers.

1. Use the warning devices correctly

Warning devices of the ambulance should be used correctly to avoid serious collisions. These devices are made to warn the other vehicles and people on the road so that they clear the road and the ambulance driver can reach the hospital quickly.

Proper use of warning devices present in an ambulance such as emergency lights, audible horns and sirens can be the most useful element to avoid a deadly collision. The emergency lights makes the ambulance visibly from a far distance even in dark night and the sirens makes it audible. So, the driver must use the warning devices correctly to remind other cars on the road.

2. Be relaxed and focus on the road

Although ambulance drivers are mostly under pressure but keeping calm and relaxing at the time of pressure is the most important thing to avoid any mishaps. Even if the road is not properly visible at night, the driver should keep their mind cool and stay focused on his driving without getting anxious. This becomes even more essential if the ambulance driver is carrying a serious patient.

3. Use an auto night vision system

Driving an emergency vehicle is a risky task especially during nights where the visibility is very low. There can be sudden turns or objects on the road which becomes impossible to avoid in the night while going in a hurry. To avoid road accidents in such situation, a good night vision system such as Lanmodo Vast Pro auto night vision system can help the ambulance drivers for a safe driving.

A poorly lit road is very difficult to see at night but the ambulance driver can get a clear view of the road with the help of Lanmodo 1080p night vision system. The device can be a life-saver for night driving. It shows a full-color image of the road with high-quality resolution. The real situation of the road is clearly projected in the wide screen of Lanmodo NVS, viewing which the ambulance driver can make safe driving decisions.

Lanmodo auto night vision system shows a night view distance of up to 300M so that the ambulance driver can see far-away objects and take precaution measures in advance. Also, the installation of Lanmodo NVS is very simple; you can install the device by yourself easily and it is suitable for 99 percent of vehicles including ambulance.

4. Avoid driver fatigue

Being an ambulance driver is a tiring and stressful job. It involves night driving in normal sleeping hours and staying awake for longer hour can lead to fatigue which has a huge impact of driving. Driver fatigue can affect the ability of the driver to drive safely and can cause severe crashes.

Usually lack of sleep, shift work, long hours, or physically demanding role of ambulance drivers causes fatigue. So, it is very important to take a good sleep before driving. Also, avoid driving for more than 8 to 10 hours a day.

5. Improve the structure and specification of ambulance

Ambulance is a critical component of medical emergency services. Whether a patient can reach the hospital to take medical assistance at the earliest greatly depends upon the functioning of the ambulance. In fact, all the ambulances are not created equal thus there are some misfortunes caused due to malfunctioning of ambulance.

The design, construction and maintenance of the ambulance should be such that it functions properly in emergency situation. The ambulance should be designed as per the safety standards with properly positioned warning devices.

The duty of ambulance driver is very challenging and the patient's safety is the responsibility of the driver. Following the above mentioned things can avoid accidents and ensure safe and secure driving.

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