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How to Drive Safely on a Snowy Road at Night?

Jun 29, 2021, 4:02 pm / Lara

It is a well-known fact that driving at night is already a difficult thing. Snowy road condition adds up to this challenge. As per statistics, 76000 people are injured in road accidents and more than 900 people die due to crashes in snowy weather conditions. This number is alarming and thus, you need to be extremely careful while driving at night during the snow. Before setting off for the journey, make sure that you are fully prepared. We have jotted down some of the most important tips to drive in snow and ensure your safety.

1. Clean off snow

While you drive in snowy weather conditions, foggy windows can obstruct your view and lead to dangerous situation. Before setting out on your journey, remember to have clean windows. Clear off all the snow that may have accumulated. Defrost all the windows, even if you have to drive only for a short distance. Keeping the windows clean will give a better picture of the road. Thus, you can know your surroundings well.

2. Adopt a night vision assistant

One of the very efficient ways to combat night driving challenges is to adopt a night vision system, which enhances your vision considerably and helps you to stay safe.

The Lanmodo Vast Pro automotive night vision assistant is like an extra pair of eyes for the driver on a snowy night. This night vision system uses low light magnification technology to give you a crisp and clear view of the road ahead. The system can form a clear image of the road on the screen with faint light like moonlight, and headlight. Besides, the snow on the road will reflect light and hence, the device will work better.

It comes with a 8” IPS screen and provides full-color, high resolution image. The large screen presents a life-like picture and so you know what exactly the road situation is.The vision of the Lanmodo camera extends up to 300m, which is more than the car's own headlights. The lens of the Lanmodo night vision assistant captures a view of 45-degrees around. This gives you a broader view of the road ahead. Having a Lanmodo night vision assistant comes with tons of advantages for the driver especially in unfavorable weather conditions like snow, rain, and fog too.

3. Brake, steer, and accelerate smoothly

When driving on a snowy road, it is important to be in full control of your vehicle. And for this purpose, controls such as steering, brakes, and accelerator should be used smoothly. If you wish to stop the vehicle, avoid sudden movement of the steering wheel and brake gently.

When approaching a bend, apply the brake in advance. Braking after the bend has approached may cause the vehicle to get out of control. Accelerate gently and remember to use low revs and quickly change into a higher gear. One of the most important safe driving tips is to accelerate and deaccelerate slowly and gradually whenever driving on snowy or icy roads.

4. Maintain a slow speed

Snowy roads can be highly unpredictable, especially at night, when the lighting is not perfect. The imperfect weather conditions make it riskier to drive at night. Under such conditions, it is best to drive slowly.

No matter how much driving experience you have, or how smart you are at driving, drive slowly and steadily. Driving slowly will give you full control of the vehicle and help to mitigate danger for yourself and others on the road too.

5. Keep longer following distance

Last but a very crucial safe driving tip is to increase your following distance on snowy roads. Since your braking capabilities are reduced greatly on snow filled road, following a vehicle too closely can be dangerous.

In case of sudden braking, you can end up crashing into the vehicle in front of you. Maintain a distance of at least 8 to 10 second for everyone's safety whenever you drive on a snowy road.

While you follow the above safe driving tips, also remember to have a thorough inspection of your car before heading out on the road. Your car's headlights, radiator, engine, tire, and defroster play a very crucial role. So make sure that all these parts are in perfect working condition.

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