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How to Drive Safe on the Night Road With no Street Lights?

Jun 30, 2021, 4:32 pm / Brian Lageose

After a long hectic day at work, people need something to refresh their mind and soul. Driving at night time is the most relaxing thing one can ever experience, especially when there is no traffic. But this experience can be really dangerous if there is lack of light on the road. The level of safety decrease when you are driving in bad lightening conditions. According to many researches, the chances of getting into a car crash is 3 times higher at night time. However, there are few tips which can help the driver in minimizing the risk of any accident.

  1. Don't be afraid and keep calm: Most of the time, when there is poor lighting on the road, many drivers becomes nervous. The panic in such situation can be very threatening. Driving at night time requires alertness, and in order to be alert a person needs be calm and have the complete presences of mind. The driver needs be extra careful and have his full attention of the road. Moreover, the driver also needs to be aware about possible hazards that can occur during night time driving in order to handle any bad situation in a more assertive way.
    1. Put your lights on and watch out oncoming cars: The proper use of headlights and high beam is essential during driving at night. As soon as the natural day light starts diminishing, one should turn on the headlights of the car to get the clearer view. But if the road you are driving on has no street light then you must switch to high-beam lights. The high-beam lights will make every bump on the road visible for you. Although, if you see a car coming from the other direction, you must switch to low-beam lights immediately, in order to avoid making the other driver blind.
    2. Keep an eye on the road markings: Paying attention to the road signs is mandatory, no matter whether you are driving during day or night. The signs keep you aware of what possible thing can come in your way ahead. Reading the signs keep you alert, through which you can easily tackle your car and move it forward in the best possible way. For example, if the road markers say, "Work going on Ahead", you will know that will be few bumps ahead, so you can drive slowly in order to avoid any possible damage. Furthermore, if the road you are driving on has a forest nearby, the road markers will say, "Animals Ahead". Slowing down your car's speed is important under such condition, as you need to watch out in case any animal may run out on the road suddenly and cause any accident.
      1. Get help of night vision system: Night time driving is risky adventure, especially when there is no or faint street light. People often complain that even with high beam headlights they still cannot see the road clearly at night time. But there are many car gadgets which help drivers drive safely on the road in poor lighting condition, night vision system is one of them. Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision Camera will definitely help you see the road in bad weather conditions as well as when there is insufficient light on the street. Its 1080P high resolution image quality will highlight every detail on the road in full color and will make it seem as if you are driving the car during a bright sunny day. Additionally, its 8" IPS screen does not damage the eyesight but let you see comfortably without disturbing your vision. Through Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System you can now easily prevent accidents as it is designed to show the road ahead of up to 300m, as well as its 45 degree wide angle vision will give you a broader vision. Besides, this car night vision device is extremely easy to install, you can simply attach it to dashboard or windshield of the car. So now, no matter how much dim the light is on the street or whether there is rain or foggy environment outside, with Lanmodo Night vision system you can easily go anywhere anytime you want. It will not only protect you and your car but also the other drivers on the street. Don't waste you time and get this device as it is one of the best gadget you can add to your car for safety.

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