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How to Avoid Hitting Deer at Night?

Oct 7, 2019, 10:44 am / Abigail Williams

About 1.5million accidents take place because of hitting the deer! If you live in the city and explore various places within the premises of the city, then you must be least concerned about hitting the deer. However, for those who live in the suburbs, they may often face collision with deer, especially when driving at times when its dark. Hitting the deer does not only result in costly repairing of automotive parts but it is also responsible for hundreds of deaths. What can you do to avoid hitting the deer? Here are a few ways.

1. Understand deer behavior

Most significantly try to recognize their behavior patterns. You should know the fact that deer are crepuscular, making them most active at dawn and dusk when the light intensity is low in surroundings. Be extra cautious while driving during these two times. During mating seasons, between October and January deer are mobile hence most terrible accidents take place during this time because at times deer hop into the middle of the road out of nowhere, giving you very little time to react, resulting in dreadful accidents. Hence it is advised to look out and drive slowly and carefully for your own safety and deer too.

2. Use high beams

High beams of your car act as an illuminator, offering light to deer and making it easy for you to identify deer in darkness by perceiving the reflection of your high beam in their eyes. However, if a deer appears in your way turn your headlights off for that time as deer may stop and stare at it hypnotically, resulting in a terrible collision with the deer. Beep the horn continuously to scare the deer away.

3. Try to drive straight

In case you face a situation where you are driving your car at high speed and a deer appears in front of you at a short distance making the accident inevitable. In such circumstances, it is advised to drive straight, regardless of deer ahead, because driving off course will result in a collision with a tree, other vehicles or any fixed object which may take your life and cost a fortune to fix the damaged parts of your vehicle. Sometimes hitting the deer may be considered as the smartest move.

4. Enforce speed limits

While cruising through woods, you will definitely come across a yellow signboard with an image of deer in it, warning the drivers about the area where deer can be found. In such places, drivers should set a speed limit and drive within that range. Enforcing a specific speed limit would reduce the collision with deer. As driving slowly and carefully allows you to stop quickly if all of a sudden any animal appears. In case of collision, the impact would be far lesser compared to a vehicle cruising at a fast speed which may result in a life-taking accident.

5. Install devices

You can also install various devices like deer whistle, which is considered as a very effective way to prevent dreadful collisions. The deer whistle uses ultrasonic sound, which is beyond the hearing range of humans, to scare the deer away. At times, it is claimed that at times deer whistle fails to avoid hitting the deer. Another way to prevent deer collision or any kind of collision is to mount Night Vision System, such as Lanmodo Vast, which is not only easy to install but is compatible with 99% of the cars. This device permits the driver to perceive clearer, full-color, 1080HD images up to 300m ahead also at times when light intensity is low. It can help the driver to find deer or pedestrians, cyclists, or any potential hazard in advance in dark environment, giving the driver time to react accordingly and safeguard from any kind of awful collision.

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