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Elderly Driving: What Should You Know To Keep Safe?

Nov 18, 2019, 9:10 am / Lara

According to recent studies, fatal traffic accidents involving elderly drivers has been on the rise. When a person ages the ability to drive gets affected - this is extremely dangerous for the one behind the wheel and the others on the road. Driving which once seemed like your second nature can suddenly transform into something very tricky and difficult, however, elderly driving can be carried on if proper safety measures are kept in mind. What can be done to stay safe on the road? Let's take a look into this serious matter.

Why aging affects driving ability?

Getting older doesn't really mean that your driving days are over, however, it is crucial to monitor your abilities to drive properly on the road. This is because old age can slow down your reflexes and your vision will automatically deteriorate - this proves to be risky while driving. People suffering from dementia, osteoporosis, vision loss, hearing loss, arthritis, balance issues, heart issues and so on are at high risk. However, instead of just stop driving, you can evaluate your driving ability and then making a decision.

How to promote safe driving?

If you are truly concerned about your driving, there are a few ways to improve driving skills and enhance safety.

  1. Drive defensively

When you drive defensively it basically means driving in a way that saves money, time, and lives. This holds true regardless of the road conditions around you. Driving defensively teaches drivers to always consider safety, paying attention to their surroundings and being vigilant. Keeping the speed level low, cutting out distractions, and taking more care are some of the ways safe driving is guaranteed.

  1. Making the most of car safety technology

Technology is proving to be useful in every sector of life. Elderly driving will no longer be a matter of concern with the impressive safety technologies that are here to help. With audio alerts and visual notifications, you can understand the situation and take measures immediately. Then there is cruise control, which will automatically keep the speed of your car under control. A steady and safe speed will be maintained as you drive. Apart from these impressive technologies there is Lanmodo night driving assistant.

This outstanding driving assistant from Lanmodo is exactly what you need on the road. It offers full color night vision and reflects the real situation on the road. With an advanced 1080P high resolution, the risk of missing out on what's going on the road as you drive is pretty much low. Lanmodo assistant comes with an impressive 8.2" screen that will prevent you from being distracted and constantly offer a clear vision. The Lanmodo night driving assistant also extends a vision of 300m/984ft, which means you will be aware of the situation on the road ahead of time. The chances of meeting with an accident reduces significantly.

  1. Update your driving skills

Before you take all the precautionary measures it is crucial that you update your driving skills. There are several ways a professional can update or improve your driving skills.

Signs It's Time To Stop Driving

Making a decision of being a passenger than a driver in a car is necessary if you happen to come across warning signs such as these.

  1. Your memory starts to fail you

If you can't remember the roads, lanes, or bylanes that will take you to and fro from a well-recognized destination then it is a sign you gotta stop being behind the wheel.

  1. Loss in hearing and eyesight

If you can't see as clearly as you used to or you can't hear everything going around you then it is safe to stay away from driving.

  1. Slow reaction

When you are on the road you have to be constantly alert and act instantly based on the situation on the road. If your reaction slows down, it isn't so safe anymore to drive.

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