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Elderly Driver: Tips to Drive Safe

Jun 29, 2021, 3:07 pm / Brian Lageose

As a person gets older they experience several transitions physically and mentally. Their ability to perform several tasks may fluctuate from time to time which can not be altered. The major reasons for these drastic changes can be due to congenital and lifestyle.

Considering these gradual transitions the way they drive is also affected. The most drastic changes that occur with age are as follow:

  1. Vision deterioration
  2. Hearing attrition
  3. Impairment of motor skills
  4. Cognitive reaction time
  5. On medication which may cause drowsiness

Elderly drivers are at a higher risk of getting into an accident than the younger one due to incremental alterations. Following are some pointers to help elderly drivers how to drive safe.

Get a car that suits you-

Get a car that fulfills all your requirements according to your needs and lifestyle. Following are some key features which may help you to find a car that suits you perfectly:
  1. Manual or automatic: If you want a car which is way easier and simple to operate than get an automatic one. They are great alternatives if you have joint problems that make clutch control and frequent gear changes very simple.
  2. Small cars: Get a car which is smaller in size as they are easy to drive around town and straightforward to park too.
  3. Car with better visibility: Get a car with features like the quick-clear windscreen, larger mirrors, and a higher driving position. Such traits will help you with your Detroit vision.
  4. A comfortable and safer car: Search for a vehicle that has extendable seats, adjustable bolsters, and massage features to make you feel comfortable.

Make sure to purchase a car that has airbags, seatbelts and cruise control (a feature that automatically adjusts cars speed) to make your driving safer and secure.

Drive when you are in good condition-

  1. Make sure you are feeling better as your health can seriously affect the way you steer.
  2. It's crucial to ensure that you aren't on any sort of medication which may cause drowsiness while driving.
  3. Switch off your smartphone before going on a drive. Smartphones are one of the greatest distractions, texting and talking can easily divert your attention from the path ahead.
  4. Never eat and drive; this can easily preoccupy you. Hence, it is advised to always park your car at a side, finish your meal and then resume driving.
  5. You can also take advice from driver rehabilitation, they will guide you according to your situation and will instruct you when and how to drive.

Avoid driving in bad weather-

Driving in a bad weather condition is also another challenge for elderly people. The bad weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, fog, and snow can easily make them unable to detect what's in front of them. Such conditions can easily blur their vision and can lead to a serious car accident.

Wait for the weather to clear up. In case of an emergency, use any other public transportation available at that moment. Also, elderly drivers are recommended to prefer driving during daylight because, in darkness, the sudden glint from upcoming light makes it difficult to view the road ahead.

Try to drive when there is less traffic-

Heavy traffic can easily confuse elderly drivers. They might not react quickly enough when there is a sudden need to apply brakes or to look back promptly while rushing. Moreover, elders easily get confused between the brake and accelerating pedal and also fail to use turning signals or keeping the signal on without changing lanes. Due to failure to perform such tasks the elderly individuals can end up in a terrible accident. Due to their slow reaction time, elderly people are advised to refrain from driving during the rush hours to avoid any sort of mishap which may lead to fatal car accidents.

Get assistance from innovative tech-

Due to vision impairments in elderly drivers, it is always advised to avoid driving at night. The darkness and low light make it more difficult to perceive. However, your problem to drive at night can simply be solved by simply installing a night vision system, like Lanmodo Vast Pro, in your car. Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision device makes driving for elderly drivers easier and much safer. It helps the driver by offering them more vivid images of objects even in low light conditions. They increase the driver's ability to see up to 300m ahead of the car. This device does not only helps to clearly view in dark but it also helps to perceive clearly in poor weather conditions.


Aging is a phase that sooner or later everyone has to undergo. Along with aging gradually a person has to go through numerous changes and due to these changes their driving skills are also affected. To be more careful and avoid any sort of mishaps they should follow these guidelines given above as it will substantially help them to become more confident and secure while driving.

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