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Driving Habits: Dos and Don'ts

Oct 4, 2019, 4:38 pm / Lara

No matter how experienced a driver you are you need to follow certain habits. A good driver has skillful and safe driving habits but may start adapting to a few bad habits after years of cruising the vehicle. It should be kept in mind that a small bad habit can lead to deadly devastating accidents. Here we are going to discuss some important good and bad driving habits.

# Do keep certain distance between the cars in front of you

In order to drive safely, you should have complete knowledge about the cars around you. It is significant to maintain a safe following distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you to avoid any kind of mishap due to a sudden halt by the car ahead. There is a specific two-second and three-second rule which states that you must stay 2-3 seconds away from the vehicle ahead, regardless of the speed you are driving your car. Moreover, keep your entire focus on the car in front of you and strategize your next move accordingly.

# Don't speed wherever and whenever you drive

"SLOW DOWN, SAVE LIVES", this statement is 100% correct. Traffic crashes kill about 1.25million people every year. However, teens may think that they gain attention by speeding up, they must know the fact that speeding is considered the second leading factor due to which an individual loses their life, hence, crossing the speed limit is not only costly but also dangerous for life. At many places, you are heavily fined if you are found speeding up beyond the limit. And in case of an accident, you can be severely injured as well as your car can get damaged terribly. At lower speed, even if an accident occurs the consequences will be less severe as the driver can stop the car at a short distance.

#Do use safe driving assistants

They are mainly intended to increase safety and comfort. You can get proper kind of help from these safe driving assistants such as anti-lock brakes, GPS navigation, adaptive cruise control(especially helpful on highways) and car night vision system. This last one is most helpful as driving at night itself is the most daring activity due to low visibility, but if you use a car night vision system, like Lanmodo Vast it would solve such problems. Lanmodo Vast night vision system for cars provides full-color image reflecting real-life situation along with a 1080 full HD resolution image you get a better visual effect. 8.2 screen offers you clearly perceive the road ahead of you. It allows you to detect distant objects in the dark. Its main purpose is to increase the driver's perception during low light situations. You can mount it on nearly any vehicle.

#Don't let your neck leads your hands

Driving is also stressful when you have to drive regularly or stay behind the wheels for an extensive period of time. It can result in a stiff neck, neck pain due to stress and strain on muscle, nerves, and bones in the neck. Neck pain can be avoided by using preventative measures listed below.

1. Start with good driving posture.
2. Support your lower back.
3. Adjust your mirrors.
4. Avoid eyestrain.
5. Take a break.

# Do check your tire pressure with religious fervor

For more consistent handling on your car, you should check your tire pressure very often. Before starting the car if you check you will easily detect if there is a slow leak that can be recognized by a patch before it blows. On the other hand the air in the tire follows law of physics which means for every 10 degrees decrease in air temperature your tire pressure drop by 1 PSL. Moreover, an under-inflated tire is dangerous in rain plus for your comfort, once you get the pressure right your butt will thank you as much as your car. Therefore it is vitally important to get it right and you will have a smooth sailing dream machine.

# Don't accelerate through yellow lights

You must stop if you see yellow lights. The only exception is if driver is too close to the lights to stop. Drivers should look around the surroundings, check who is behind them and then decide but exceeding the speed limit and crossing in yellow lights might cause a life-threatening incident. The best decision is to drive when there is only green light. The main purpose of the yellow light is to check mirrors and stop accordingly before the zebra crossing.

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