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Drive in Rain: Tips and Advice to Drive Safely

Jun 29, 2021, 3:03 pm / Richard

Driving in conditions that involve wind or heavy rain can be relatively common, but at the same time, such conditions may increase the risks of accidents. No matter which part of the world you belong to, you will need to drive your car in the rainy weather at some point. So what can we do to keep ourselves and others on the road safe? Here are some important safe driving tips that can help you in preventing any collision in the future.

1. Turn Low Beam On

Most of the rainy conditions demand you to turn on the lights to improve your visibility while you drive the car. Even in the misty weather, it is recommended to turn on the low beam in order to have clear visibility of the road ahead and to make sure that the other drivers on the road are able to detect your car. It is also important that you must slow down your car when you drive with a low beam light in rainy weather. You should keep in mind and never try to overdrive your car headlights as it may turn a pleasant condition into a bad one in no time.

2. Maintain More Following Distance

When you drive in rain, your car's braking capability does not remain the same. Due to rain drops, the roads usually become quite slippery, hence, maintaining the right balance on the road can be very difficult. So the best thing that you can do to avoid a collision is to increase the following distance.

Remember the "3-second rule"? This rule can be quite helpful for you during rainy conditions. Since the 3-second rule is applied while driving in normal conditions, in wet conditions, it is suggested to maintain a distance of at least 6 seconds from the car ahead of you.

3. Turn on the Defroster

Rain or high humidity can quickly cause windows to mist up inside the car. If these rain droplets or fog are not removed immediately, it can be quite lethal for you because you will get a blurry vision. Hence, turning on the defroster quickly after the start of the rain can help in reducing the risks associated with it.

Defrosters are built with the capability to prevent the formation of fog due to rain. So next time, if you are driving in such rainy conditions, don't forget to turn on the defroster.

4. Use a Car Night Vision Camera

This must be on the top of your safe driving list. When you drive in rain, the low beam is not sufficient to determine what is present ahead of your car. If you are keeping a low beam during rainy season, you may find trouble turning your car into another lane or making a sharp turn. So, in this case, night vision systems are proven to be quite beneficial as they are capable to provide crystal clear display no matter what the weather is.

So if you are planning to buy one, then, Lanmodo Vast Pro will be the best companion for you. It provides a full-color image at 1080p that can help you in seeing the road ahead.

5. Brake Easier and Gently

Another important tip while driving in rain is to ensure to press the brake paddle gently. Whenever you want to turn your car, it's better to just tap on your brakes rather than slamming your foot on it. Pushing the brakes harder in wet conditions can cause your car to seize instantly. Also, due to the slippery conditions of the road, slamming your foot on the brakes can cause your car to spin and collide with other cars on the road. So be easier on your car brakes next time you drive in the rainy weather.

6. Avoid Splashing Pedestrians

This is somewhat more related to the ethical behavior of the drivers on how well they ensure to keep the people safe from their driving practices. In rainy days, a lot of water gets accumulated on the road and pedestrians are usually at the risk of being affected by the splash of the dirty water. So, make sure no one gets hurt while you drive.

Now, you know all the tips and tricks on how to drive in rainy weather. It will be your utmost responsibility to prevent yourself and others from you.

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