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Car Talk: How Do You Keep Your Night Driving Safe?

Jun 28, 2021, 8:08 pm / Richard

Today, we live in a fast-paced and busy world. We witness numerous cars on the road even after 9 pm. People not only go out during these hours because of their jobs but also many of them prefer driving at night because it makes them feel fresh and also calms their mind. However, no matter for what reason we drive at night but while we are on the road during these hours we need to be extra vigilant to avoid all possible dangers. There are few people who have shared their experience on the road at night and suggested few precautionary measures to keep the night driving safe.

# Peter, long-distance truck driver, 15 years of driving experience

My work is pretty hectic, I often spend days on the work. During my journey, I faced so many problems and being tired is one of them. Imagine yourself on the work for continuous 10 hours without taking a break and I bet you will too feel exhausted. But after all these years, I've realised that taking short breaks on long journeys is as essentially as breathing for a truck driver like me. Because my fatigue driving will not only be dangerous for me but also for the other on the road as well.

# Aaron, often works until midnight and prefers to go home late at night

You can say that I'm a workaholic because I almost work 12 hours a day. For me going back home after midnight is quite normal. But lately I've started facing trouble detecting the obstacles on the road due to low lighting. Due to low visibility I have sometimes even taken a wrong turn. But now have started using multiple headlights rigorously like hazard lights, side lights, fog lights, dipped lights, etc. All of these headlights are for different purposes and has improved my visibility on the road profoundly.

# Bart, road trip enthusiast and often takes wildlife area road trips

I love long drives and specially if they are in an adventurous area. But the problem with these area is that you never know what will come in front of your vehicle suddenly. One time I nearly killed a deer but gladly I was able to hit the brake at the right time. After that incident I decided to install a night vision camera to protect myself and others from such incidences. One of my friend suggested Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System and trust me this system is one of the best in the market. It allows the driver to see the road from almost 300m ahead and gives enough time to take the precautionary action. Also it displays 1080P high resolution full colour image to have a clear vision of the road.

# Phoenix, planning to buy her car next month

I want to buy a new car but there are so many options which is why I find car purchasing very challenging as you need to pay close attention to the details. If you forget about one thing you will end up making a wrong choice. I'm confused whether to focus on budget or safety feature? How much maintenance cost will the car require? What safety gadgets am I going to install in my car? Hence, I have contacted some professionals and started gathering all the required information. Keeping my budget in mind I have made a list of all the features that I want in my new car and getting a driver assistance system is one of them to have a secure night driving experience.

# Davis, single dad and a taxi driver working in Miami

I work extra hard to give my kids the life that they deserve and for that purpose I sometime even work day and night. However, being a taxi driver in this country is quite risky. Sitting with strangers at night and taking them to dark alleys often scares us. I was even robbed once during one of my trip. After my awful past experience I have decided to avoid routes which are low-lit and only prefer the safest path. Also I don't take any vague directions from the passenger and ask for solid destination before starting my trip.

# Jeffrey, teen driver and 1 month of driving experience

It's been only a month since I've got my driving license and I have caused severe damage to my car because of drunk driving at night. Since then my father has been utterly furious with my driving attitude. My father has now decided to install a anti-collision system which helps me in detecting all kinds of obstacles that may come in my way. The system not also sends me immediate warning signals if any object comes in close proximity to my car but also applies brake to reduce the effects of the collision.

# Tara, just got her driving licence and will get her car next month

I'm new to this driving world and not much aware about the road situations and how to tackle them. In addition to this, I have never even driven a car at night. Hence, to make my driving experience safe and secure at night I plan on following all rules and regulations completely. Also I'm going to maintain good driving habits like always staying on the slow lane, keeping adequate distance from the vehicle in front of me and having complete control over my car's speed to avoid any possible collision and give myself enough time to react in case I spot any obstacle along the way.

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