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Car and Driver: What's Your Biggest Trouble?

Jun 29, 2021, 3:20 pm / Richard

Driving safely and car maintenance can often be a headache. Problems such as high traffic during rush hours, limited parking slots, problems in the car itself, are some issues that can give even an experienced driver or a driver that loves to drive, a run for their money! Below we have compiled a list of examples of problems faced by drivers to let you know that if you sometimes find driving safely and car safety very complex, you are not alone in this.

Issues faced related to parking

  1. Tina: My shorter than average stature of 4'9" is what gives me trouble when I am trying to park my car in reverse, as my rear vision is greatly compromised due to my stature, I have to often spend several minutes setting my rear mirror to park the car accordingly or I have to completely turn backwards due to which my front vision is completely compromised.
  2. Nick: Being an amateur driver, even the mere thought of parallel parking is what scares the bejesus out of me! The continuous motion of moving your car back and forth in order to perfectly fit it in the limited space available is a task I find very tedious and try my best to avoid it.
  3. Alice: When it comes to parking I face the most trouble with where to move my steering wheel as most times while parking I have to move my car forward and backward, which requires different steering positions and this is what confuses me a lot.
  4. Aaron: Being a driving expert and driving for 20+ years, I still face parking issues when it comes to parking at busy streets and congested parking lots where you have to park your car in a very small, limited space.
  5. Brant: I have accidentally bumped my cars more times than I can recall while trying to park my car adjacent to other already parked cars.

Issues related to maintaining the car

  1. Vincent: I have an old Toyota 2007, due to which it requires a lot of maintenance with regular engine checks to oil changes, all this forces me to spend a lot of my time, energy and money on regular maintenance of my car. I am thinking of buying a new car to reduce these maintenance expenses.
  2. Tony: Being 56, I am very bad with time management and remembering stuff that I have to do because of which I often forget to take my car for timely routine maintenance checks and that leads to my car giving up on me mid-drive! Now I have started keeping reminders on my phone to remind me.
  3. Cherry: Car maintenance often requires a lot of money, which becomes very difficult for me to afford at times since I work as a medium wage salesman and hence even the thought of car maintenance troubles me.
  4. Simon: My car is very high-maintenance, which results in its maintenance needing to be very timely and expensive. This usually causes distress to me and for this reason alone, I am thinking of changing my car.

Issues related to driving

  1. Owen: I have been a taxi driver for more than 25 years. The part of driving that troubles me the most is driving at night. On several occasions, I have had to drive on streets with no street lights with only the headlights of my car providing me with light. Once, due to this an accident also took place, fortunately, no one got hurt but the accident mentally affected me and caused me to be scared of the idea of driving in streets with low light. As a result, I was searching for a way to enhance my night vision. 2 months ago, my search came to a fruitful result when I got to know of a popular car gadget, Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system. It is a driving assistant system that provides a 1080-p full-color image for up to 300m! Now, it has been 2 months since I have installed the system in my car and I couldn't be happier about my decision. Thanks to this system, I drive easier and safer even on roads with no street lights and rainy days.
  2. Paul: My old age and a lifetime of working as a constructor doing heavy work has caused a shiver in my hands due to which it gets very tough for me to grip my steering wheel. For this reason, I am thinking of investing in a nice steering wheel that provides a good grip or a nice driving assistance system.
  3. Mark: Being 40 and working in finance, driving is my least favorite activity to do, due to the extreme traffic congestion, as a result, I try my best to avoid rush hours and try to commute in less-rush hours, even if I have to reach my destination a couple of hours early.
  4. Lily: I feel very nervous when I drive on the city roads as I just got my driver's license 2 months ago. I am thinking of going on road trips with my friends so that I can gain confidence in my driving.

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