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Car Accident: What You Should Know About It?

Jun 29, 2021, 4:19 pm / Brian Lageose

Driving a car is inevitable. For some, it might be the only viable mode of transport, either for work or for personal use. However, car accidents, like any other form of vehicular accidents, are mostly avoidable. All it needs is a little discipline and precaution from the drivers. Moreover, the advent of technology has also ensured that they provide assistance wherever possible to avoid a car accident. It is important though, that it is discussed in more detail.

The data and facts of car accidents

The peril of car accidents can be substantiated by the fact that nearly 37000 people die each year from car crashes itself. That is indeed a whopping number considering the fact that an accident occurs every 16 minutes. Most of the victims are between the ages of 16-25 years which is a testimony of the fact that speeding and rash driving are the major causes of it. Top that with driving at night and in really bad weather and the odds of car accidents increase even more.

How to avoid car accidents?

Here are some of the most potent tips to be kept in mind in order to avoid car accidents -

  1. Be aware of the road situation you drive in - if the road is one that you take every day for work or any other purpose, it is imperative that you know about the condition of the road. This implies knowing exactly when the traffic is more, where it is not conducive to drive, where you need to be extra careful etc. This awareness can enhance driving safety considerably.
  2. Maintain speed and distance - you should never cross the speed limits, whatever be the reason. You are not only risking your own life but also endangering everyone else on the road. You should maintain a safe speed at all times. The distance you keep with the vehicles around you also matters. The general norm is that you should be able to see the back tires of the vehicle in front of you to be in a safe distance. Follow these protocols for maximum safety.
    1. Learn more driving skills - there is no end to learning and it is applicable for your driving skills as well. Always look to hone your driving, mainly through practice. You can also learn a lot by watching others drive as well.
    2. Don't drive if you are fatigued - this is especially applicable when you go out for a long road trip with friends and family. You should always have someone with you who is a skilled driver so that you share the workload. If that is not possible, you should be adequately rested. If you feel fatigued from driving too much, stop to the side and take a rest for some time. You can even catch a quick nap if necessary. Whatever you do, never drive with fatigue.
    3. Invest in driver assistance systems - this is where the role of technology becomes evident. There are many driver assistance system available for cars these days that can help you in driving more securely. A car night vision system is one such device that has gained in popularity these days. It is mainly used to see clearly at night and during inclement weather as it acts as an additional eye for you. Lanmodo is one company that has really made a name for itself in the niche the external night vision system - Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system. It uses superior quality camera that has the ability to record images even in low light and display it in high-quality in the 8-inch screen attached to the dashboard. The images are of high contrast and almost feels like day even during the night. Therefore, you can drive around safely and be wary of any obstacles in front of you and avoid accidents.

    What you should do after an accident?

    If unfortunately, you are involved in a car accident, keep calm and follow below tips to reduce losses -
    1. Check for any injuries - it goes without much emphasis but this is the most important part after an accident. The basic protocol is to check for breathing, blood loss and any form of physical injury that may be dangerous.
    2. Call the police and an ambulance if needed - if the injury is pretty grave and needs immediate medical attention, call an ambulance immediately. In case you think it is a case of hit and run, police should be informed as well.
    3. Be mindful of preserving evidence - any legal system would want some form of evidence to register a case. Therefore, preserve any proof for future reference.
    4. Phone your insurance company - in case your car is damaged and is covered under insurance, it is wise to call the insurance company so that they take care of the financial aspect of the repairs.

    Keep these points in mind regarding car accidents and maybe the numbers will come down soon enough and people are a little extra careful about driving.

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