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Autumn Driving: What to Watch and What to Do

Jun 30, 2021, 4:25 pm / Evelyn Smith

Autumn is one of the most enjoyable seasons of the year as there is a calm and reassuring feeling associated about it that things are going to change for the better soon. One of the main indicators of the onset of Autumn is the falling of the leaves from the trees so that new leaves may replace it. It may look and sound beautiful but the fact is that this is a point of concern for people driving during this season.

Watch out fallen leaves, keep smooth drive

The roads are mostly covered with leaves during this time and as a driver, you should be extra careful of any untoward incident. When the leaves pile up, they tend to become wet. This wetness cause the roads to become slippery as well and it resembles black ice quite closely. Thus, there is a loss of traction in the tire as the treads become ineffective. Thus, not only there is a chance of skidding while driving, the brakes also become perpetually useless.

This is bad news for your car, especially if the situation arises where you have to make a sudden stop. Moreover, the fallen leaves on the road make it difficult for the driver to see the lanes and they might engage in wrong lane driving. Some of the roads may have potholes and irregularities covered by these leaves and they are also not negotiated and might lead to an accident. A pile of leaves on the side of the road is the ideal resting place for certain animals and children also enjoy playing with them. So you have to be extra wary of them too. Drive slowly, keep a keen eye forward and service your car periodically for a safe autumn driving experience.

Watch out deer, be patient to them

Autumn season is also the time when a lot of animals explore out of the woods in search of food and water. One animal that is commonly seen doing so is the deer. The scary part about it is the fact that these deer stay in the woods the rest of the time and are not used to cars and fast moving vehicles and tend to jump into the road suddenly. You have to be extra careful while watching out for them and make sure that you don't hit them.

Accidents with deer in the autumn is one of the most commonly reported cases because of this particular reason. It becomes all the more difficult at night as it is difficult to see clearly as well. What exactly would help you in this kind of situation? A night vision system is the right answer. The Lanmodo Vast Pro Car Night Vision System is one of the most popular external devices in the market right now and there are a number of reasons for it.

The cameras that are used to capture the images are of superior quality and has a range of around 300 meters with a viewing angle of 45 degrees. All these features help it to cover a wide angle of vision of the road ahead and also notice any obstruction, or a deer in this case, beforehand.

The screen that displays what the cameras capture are also of high definition and contrast with a lot of tonal clarity. The surrounding natural lights are used for this purpose, which makes the images even more brighter and clearer than what it is outside. Thus, you can spot a deer from far and be extra cautious and avoid accidents by doing so.

Pay attention to morning frost, sun glare and fog

Frost is also an impending problem during autumn as it can deposit on the windshield of the car and make it very difficult to see while driving. Clear out the frost from inside out and humidify the car for driving safety.

You will all agree that when the glare of the Sun falls directly on the face and eyes, it becomes very difficult to see what lies ahead. You will have to squint your eyes to minimize the light and should also drive slowly and carefully as what is in front is hardly seen. Using a glare protector and a drive assistant vision system is a potent problem solver.

If it becomes too foggy, the visibility is markedly reduced, even up to a few meters. One thing that you should definitely do is use a low beam while driving. Not only will you be able to see what is immediately ahead of you, it will not be of any inconvenience to the vehicles coming from the opposite side. Driving slow is as important as anything else here.

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