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Animal-related Collisions: What You Should Know About?

Jun 29, 2021, 4:33 pm / Brian Lageose

Animal-related collision is one of the major reasons for the increasing number of car accidents in the United States. Every year, almost 250,000 animal-related collisions are reported. Out of which, 80% are caused by Deer and the other 20% are due to other animals like bears, moose, coyote, etc. However, if you are driving within the premises of the city there are fewer chances to encounter these wildlife animals on the road. But the increasing number of highway networks and traffic has affected the rate of animal-related collisions immensely. These accidents not only damage the vehicle but also cause injury to a passenger as well as the animal that the car has collided with.

Moreover, the odds of such unfortunate mishaps increase as the night approaches because peak deer hours are from sunset till midnight. So, what are the things one must follow to avoid these accidents? Here are some useful tips which can help you.

How to prevent animal-related collisions?

  1. Be aware of the surroundings you drive-in
Knowing about your surroundings helps you in limiting down your speed. Also, while driving in the woods you will come across yellow diamond-shaped signs warning about the possibility of the animals in the area. Controlling your car's speed limit in such areas can help you in reducing or completely avoiding the risk of animal-related collisions.
  1. Ask your passenger to be your co-pilot

In order to avoid potential harm or any mishap always ask the other person in your car to look out for animals. Sometimes, continuous driving makes the driver tired and the road becomes less visible to him. Or even at night, there are chances that one person can miss out important signs which lead to a terrible collision. In such situations, always ask the passenger to help and guide you on the road. You never know, they may observe something which can save you both from an awful tragedy.

  1. Slow down if you spot an animal on the road up ahead
Speeding in high animal populated areas is not only dangerous for you but also for the animals as well. Maintaining a speed limit will allow you to quickly slow down your car in case you spot an animal suddenly right before your car, giving you time to take the right action and reduce the chances of an animal-vehicle collision. You can also honk your car's horn to scare the animal away and protect them from a dreadful accident.
  1. Use driver assistant system
Usually, animals roam around on the road at dusk and dawn. The chances of encountering an animal at night are usually high, hence, the drivers should be extra cautious from sunset till sunrise. Unlike the animals, the human vision is not as sharp, therefore equipping the car with a Night Vision System is essential for every driver. Lanmodo's Vast Pro Night Vision System is one of the best driver assistant systems in the market. It allows you to see almost 300m ahead on the road and provide a full-color 1080p image even in low lighting conditions. The system will help you in detecting every tiny detail on the road which you cannot see with the naked eye. You can spot an animal in advance from far ahead and take the necessary action to safeguard yourself and the animal from a horrifying incident.

Things to do if you can't avoid the collision

Even after taking every precaution the possibility of coming across an animal is still there. This is where the great challenge arises. The animal is in front of your car and you have to take a quick action to reduce the intensity of the animal-vehicle collision. Below are the things to do if you spot the animal right before your car:
  1. Keep yourself calm and do not panic. Stress in such situations can be harmful because it will affect your ability to think. Having a calm mind will give you the right sense of direction to preserve the car and the animal from severe damages.
  2. Hit the brakes quickly and steer the car at a particular angle to minimize the force of the collision.
  3. Keep your car's direction straight, regardless of the animal ahead. Steering the wheel in a different direction or driving off course will result in collision with other vehicles on the road or a tree.

Things to do after the collision

If unfortunately, you hit the animals, here are some tips that help minimize the loss.
  1. After the collision pull over the car and take a deep breath. Analyze the situation and then make a careful series of moves.
  2. Turn on the hazard lights and try to look outside the window to get a clear view of the situation.
  3. Try to determine the situation of the animal but by staying inside the vehicle. A wounded or frightened animal is much more dangerous and can hurt you. Call for help if needed
  4. Contact your automobile insurance agent as soon as possible. Since it's not the driver's mistake or the animal's fault, hence, the insurance company will be liable to pay for the damages and repair.

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