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Alaska Driver: How To Avoid Moose Collisions?

Jan 9, 2020, 9:35 am / Evelyn Smith

Alaska, a U.S state in the North-west extremity, is known for glaciers that cover 5% of the state. The state is also popular for diverse Alaska wildlife, which includes orcas, humpback whales, polar bears, mountain goats, moose, caribou, bison, brown, and black bears. Of course, there's a lot of adventure amidst nature, but at the same time, there were several threats. One of the most prominent dangers includes wildlife collisions.

Some Facts About Moose Roadkill

Roadkills are indeed threatening! Not just because they result in the loss of lives, but at the same time, they are enough to shatter the eyes of the wildlife lovers. While you go around Alaska to check out flora and fauna out there, a heart-wrecking death on the road can break your heart apart!

Over 175,000 to 200,000 moose exist in Alaska. Hundreds of these moose get killed in road accidents every year. Hitting a moose is terrifying, and car-moose collisions may occur literally anywhere. There is no specific area in Alaska for these mishaps to occur. From the bushes to that of the urban regions, an accident may take place anytime and anywhere.There's no specification about it. However, they are most common along high-speed highways that run between the brushy habitats, since many paths run through prime moose habitats and result in moose carcasses.

Moose-vehicle collisions are more frequent during the months of December and January, because as the snow gets deeper, the more likely are the moose supposed to wander through the roadways. That's a delight to watch yet dangerous to witness!

Besides, accidents mostly take place during the dawn and dusk, when commuters passing through the highways in cars and motorbikes. During such time, low visibility is the biggest issue and result in tragic collisions.

Safety Tips to Avoid Moose Collisions

Sharing the same space with wild animals has got a thrill, I agree! However, such an adventure comes with its own set of risks, and Alaskans do encounter such situations quite often! Alaskans gradually get to learn that vegetation amidst the dark nature, and having high-speed highways penetrating in between indicates the drivers that it's time when they must slow down the speed.

  1. Be alert:

To avoid such a road accident that can injure both the driver as well as the animal, it is important to remain alert while driving. Staying a little more alert can actually prevent the mishap from occurring. Thus, keep your eyes wide open and stay cautious while on the highways.

  1. Using a night vision assistant:

While you are traveling, nothing costs you less than a clear vision camera, and with a Lanmodo night vision assistant, you will be able to see your way absolutely clear and crisp. It is equipped with an 8.2" IPS screen and has a 1080P clarity that is just enough to increase safe driving at nights. This full colored automotive night vision system makes you aware of the road situations beforehand so that you can take measures about those unfriendly conditions.

  1. Lower your speed:

Since accidents mostly happen due to harsh driving and lack of carefulness, it is essential to understand that lowering the speed of your vehicle can cut off half of your problems right there! By running the vehicle at a speed that is under your control, you can put a brake immediately if you find an animal getting in!

  1. Clear your windshields:

Definitely, it is essential to keep your windshields cleaned while traveling. Although most people ignore it, but that's where you seek your vision from, right? In case dirt and dust sit on the windshields, they cause inconvenience when the natural light is low. Thus, having clean windshields will give you clean vision, thus decreasing chance for the accidents to take place.

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