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A Ultimate Guide to Avoid Car Accidents When Driving at Night

Jun 29, 2021, 5:17 pm / Lara

If you look at the statistics, maximum vehicular accidents that take place are mostly at night. The reduced visibility, rash driving, drunken driving are a few of the most common reasons. However, despite all the associated dangers, night driving becomes unavoidable. There are many who, in fact, have to drive at night itself due to professional reasons. Top that with inclement and rainy weather and it forms the perfect recipe for disaster. It goes without saying that you should follow certain precautions when you are planning to drive at night. This will result in fewer car accidents. Here is a complete guide of what all to keep in mind when engaging in night driving so that any car accident can be avoided.

How to increase night vision?

There is no denying the fact that there is a marked reduction in visibility during the night as the natural light falls and finally goes off. It is imperative that you use some external source or device to supplement night vision. Few of these techniques for driving safety include-
  1. Use headlights correctly- One big mistake that most people do while driving at night is to use a high beam. The light falls directly on the eyes of the driver coming from the opposite side and he or she can get blinded temporarily. It is the root cause of many accidents. High beams are mainly present to be used in highways and countryside where the number of vehicles is sparse and you want to see far ahead. In crowded conditions and cities, the low beam is a better choice. You should know which headlights to use when.
  2. Keep windows clean- The windows are your outlets to the outside world from inside the car and it is important that it remains clean. Not only does an unclean window reduce your vision, but the dust can also even refract the light at a certain angle which can cause difficulties in seeing.
  3. Invest in a night vision system- A driver assistance systemof any kind can definitely help in driving at night and an external night vision system is a perfect example of it. One company that has really made a mark for itself in this particular aspect is Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system. It consists of high-quality camera that can capture images even in low-light and display it on a high contrast and high-definition IPS LCD screen of 8 inches. It can be installed by the user itself. The viewing angle of 45 degrees with a visibility of 300 meters are a few aspects that make Lanmodo Vast one of the most favorable external night vision devices.

How to avoid the danger of high beam lighting?

Like mentioned before, high beam is for empty roads but there are many who seem to be unaware of the concept. The high beam can make seeing forward very difficult and can cause car accident frequently. You can avoid it by-
  1. Slow down or stop to let the car pass- Might be inconvenient if you are in a hurry but considering the danger that it poses, it is probably a good idea to stop at the side and give way to the offending car.
  2. Remind the driver that he or she should close the high beam- In case you can confront the driver who is the culprit for high beam, you should also remind him or her of the dangers associated with it.

How to decrease driving fatigue?

It is a legitimate problem. Driving for long hours can cause fatigue. It is a common cause of accidents as well.
  1. Take interval rest- In case you feel the fatigue is setting in, stop the car and take a rest at regular intervals.
  2. Drink water or coffee- Water or coffee will definitely make you fresh after a long drive. Drink it if needed.
  3. Keep circulating the air- Do not just sit in the air conditioner for long. Open the windows and circulate the air so that you remain energetic for long.

How to be safe on dangerous road conditions?

The road conditions can become more dangerous at night. Moreover, people tend to speed more at night. Some heavy-duty vehicles, going cross-border also move mainly at night. Therefore, you need to be more careful in these situations.
  1. Pay attention to the surrounding- Keep an eye out for all kinds of situation always.
  2. Lower the speed- You should drive carefully and within the speed zone and avoid overseeing.
  3. Don't overtake- Since the vehicle coming from the opposite side is not very clear, it is better not to overtake at night.

Follow the above mentioned points for driving safely at night.

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