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8 Most Useful Tips to Drive Safely In Snowy Weather

Jun 29, 2021, 3:56 pm / Richard

If you live in an area where snowflakes and rain go hand in hand and the season of winter stays for nearly half of a year, then keep on reading as we are near to disclose the top most essential driving tips to level up your driving experience. Just a step towards these basic driving tips can eliminate your fear of encountering an accident that one might have witnessed due to the icy nature of roads in winters while they drive in snow.

1. Hire the Perfect Tires

It greatly depends on the possessed characteristics and the functionality of the tires one has selected. For the appropriate selection of your vehicle's tires, go for the brand which offers better grip to improvise fraction over the road, because icy road is slippery. Better change to winter tires, they are especially designed for driving on snowy road and have more tread depth, which maintain better traction.

2. Slow and Steady Wins The Race

It's allowed to lose yourself and free your mind in a friend's farewell party, but on the road one has to be careful. Observing not only the uncontrollable external factors, but also the internal factor like handling of brakes, steering or the changing gear. Try to accelerate and decelerate slowly on slippery roads. To drive safely it is crucial to adopt the range provided by traffic law enforcing agencies for avoiding the occurrence of any unpleasant roadside incident.

3. Increase the Following Distance

For the ease of drivers to drive in snow and getting along with the cold weather, another essential driving tip includes the need of having an eagle's eye view and maintain the appropriate distance with all the other vehicles on the road. Lesser distance and uncontrollable speed levels are also one of the basic reasons contributing in the increasing rates of accidents. Hence, a good driver has to be a good observer too for tackling the unpredictable roadside situations.

4. The Need Of Night Vision Assistant

The greasy and harsh climatic condition of roads during winters can test anyone's driving skills, especially during winter night. The modern solution to overcome the issue is to get a night vision assistant.

The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision assistant is the modern solution to boost one's driving experience. It adopts light magnification technology, and thus capturing clear image at night even with faint light. Snow has the potential of reflecting back the moonlight which can become the helper to have a clear vision of the upcoming paths. Lanmodo system provided 1080P high-resolution image on its screen, help drivers obtain the road view easily.

5. Remove Snow Off Your Windshield

It is essential to clean your windshields and windows to improve the visibility of roads. Remember to stock the high-quality windshield fluid, including the de-icer characteristic to clean the area effectively. Since winter days also bring plenty of fog and mist, a driver must wipe off the windscreen and other driving mirrors from the extra layers of frost.

6. Turn On the Headlights

Thoroughly inspect the condition of all the available light sources in your vehicle whether it's the headlight, fog lamp or indicators. The long dark winter nights demand the need of intense illumination as the unpredictable skids can divert one from current path so while ensuring the visibility of your vehicle also assures the condition of your foggy spectacles.

7. Prevention is Better than Regret

Before planning a winter ride, get the vehicle fully equipped with winter essential survival kit. The chief components of a survival kit include additional flashlights, car batteries, gloves; and some winter travel gear like tire chains, snowbrushes and jumper cables. Lastly, who can forget the first-aid kit? Which can be a life-savior in emergency.

8. Avoid Using the Cruise Control System

The cruise control system is based on servomechanism, which serves the purpose of auto-controlling the speed of vehicles. The icy roads of winters are not made to be crossed through cruise control system as it can be dangerous to maintain the steady speed of the vehicle as well as applying breaks can cause the vehicle to shut off the system entirely. Hence, for safer driving, avoid the use of auto cruise speed control systems.

The climatic conditions in winters are not favorable and demand drivers to be extra cautious while travelling. Therefore, a driver must be careful as a slight mistake can put the lives of others in danger too.

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