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7 Useful and Handy Tips For New Drivers

Jun 29, 2021, 3:11 pm / Lara

Though you have learned how to drive, there are quite a few things you may be unaware of as a new driver. When the task in hand is driving, you should take all the precautions and safety measures. If this means going over some of the mandatory rules again - then be it. Hearing these basic yet important safety tips is crucial. Being a new driver, you will have to learn a plethora of things about driving and how to be safe on the road. Today we want to discuss some safe driving tipswith you.

1. Adjust the Angle of Mirrors

Never start your car before adjusting the mirrors. It's a must, and new drivers often forget about it. It is only your mirrors that will show you what happens. However, you can't adjust them while driving because this will cause distraction which isn't safe during driving. A blind spot is that part of a road that you will not be able to see clearly. How will that affect you? A driver might miss a car that is moving in the adjacent lane. The only way to eliminate blind spots is by adjusting your mirrors. How will you know if your mirror is properly adjusted? You will only be able to see your own car. In order to make sure there are no blind spots, drive your car in reverse. Look at the side view mirror as you do so. You will be able to see the back of your window completely.

2. Use Low Beam and High Beam in Different Conditions

If you are following a vehicle, make sure to keep the low beams of your car on. This will prevent you from blinding another driver who is driving ahead of you. If you are on an open highway or driving through rural areas, then don't forget to turn the high beam lights on. It's better to turn on the high beam lights if you are moving outside metropolitan areas. In case you face any difficulty or has a car break-down, simply pull over by the side of the road and make sure to turn the hazard lights on.

3. The Effectiveness of Turn Signals Shouldn't Be Overlooked

Flip on the turn signal light before you make a turn. This needs to be done before you apply brakes to make a turn. When you take this crucial safety measure, you let the others driving behind you know that you are about to slow down and make a turn. This gives them enough room to make a stop.

4. Never Speed Up to Beat Traffic Lights

Accidents happen when a driver avoids all caution and speeds through a red light. This is dangerous not only to you but also for others on the road - bicyclists, pedestrians, and others in vehicles. When you run a red light, the person who is on the other end of green light will assume you are about to stop. There is a higher chance that an accident can happen if you speed up to make a quick pass.

5. Never Hit the Brakes When Someone Is Tailgating You

The minimum space between two cars is drastically reduced during tailgating. The distance between the two care becomes dangerously unsafe. When someone hits the brakes suddenly, the tailgater might not have the necessary time to hit the brakes or slow down. This might result in hitting your car. Unless it's an emergency situation don't hit the brakes.

6. Understand the Car Signals

The car signals are extremely important and you must well understand them, including engine warning light, brake signal and more, then you will be aware of the condition of the vehicle and take any precaution measure if necessary.

7. Lower Your Rear-View Mirror at Night

You have to keep in mind that every mirror has two modes - one for the day and the other for the night. This will prevent you from being blinded by a car behind. Change its angle by pulling down the lever that is underneath it.

When you are driving, you can't be too cautious. It's crucial to keep in mind all of the above safety measures, especially if you are new driver.

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