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7 Handy Car Gadgets For Winter Driving

Jun 28, 2021, 7:29 pm / Lara

The winter season is just around the corner and in a few days, the roads will turn icy and slippery. The drop in temperature, cold breeze, and snow isn't only harsh for our skin but it can also affect our automobiles and driving safety awfully. Inclement weather creates some extremely dangerous and unpredictable situations for drivers. Hence, the key to safety is being prepared at all times. Apart from a jack and a tire iron, there are other essential items that every motorist should carry in their car to protect him/herself from any trouble and mishap, especially during winter. We have prepared a list of 7 extremely useful items which include some very obvious accessories like ice scrapers and snow chains to some less obvious gadgets like Night Vision Camera to make you winter driving much safer and easier.

  1. Snow chains

Driving during or after a snowfall is not an easy job as it's difficult to navigate on snowy roads. Hence, the best way to tackle such hazardous situations is by wrapping your car's tires with snow chains. They are designed to improve traction on slippery roads and make the driving safe and secure. Most of the chains available in the market are light in weight and easy to install. Also, make sure to remove the chain once the road is clear of ice and snow.

  1. Battery jumper cables

The most common reason for car break down during winters is a dead battery. Just like your phone battery, a car's battery is also unpredictable. It can run out without giving you any prior signals, either because you forgot to turn off your car's headlight or the cold weather drained the battery. However, without a jumper cable, you won't be able to bring back your car to life. Not only in winters but these jumper cables are extremely important during any time of the year, hence make sure you always keep a set of it in your car to save yourself from any uncertain situation.

  1. Ice scrapers and snow brushes

This extremely portable gadget is as useful in winters as keeping a toolbox in your car. After every snowfall, a thick layer of ice usually appears on the windshield, and scraping it off with hands or a simple stick is merely impossible. The best option is to always keep a good ice scraper and snow brush in the back of your car. This device will come handy because after every harsh snowfall you will need to clear off your windshield and windows completely before you hit the road again.

  1. Car floor mats

During the rainy or snowy season using the right floor mats in your car is crucially important. The typical carpets fail to absorb moisture, mud, and water. Therefore, the rubber car floor mats are the best way to protect your car from grime and dirt stains. They are easier to clean as compare to the traditional carpets, just pop them out and rinse them with water. Not only this, but they are also usually more durable and are less likely to tear even after heavy use.

  1. Electric blankets

If your car seat covers are made with leather or vinyl then we know how excruciating cold they can get in winter. Instead of torturing yourself during the whole ride why not keep yourself warm in this freezing weather and the easiest way to do it is by investing in some good quality electric blankets. Cold commutes, overnight road trips, or even lunchtime short naps can become cozy when you have a perfect partner, your electric heated blanket. It is not only the less expensive alternative of built-in heated seats but it is also easily available online and in a variety of automobile stores.

  1. Windshield snow covers

A frozen windshield is not the first thing you want to notice in the morning. Even the thought of removing the snow on a freezing day gives us chills. So, why not invest in something which will keep the car protected from these hard snowfalls? Windshield snow covers are a great way to make your ice-cold morning a little bit tolerable. With this accessory, you can save your precious time and effort, without having to freeze your hands.

  1. Car night vision camera

Winter driving means being extra vigilant and cautious on the road because navigation through an icy road is no joke. In such cases, using a safety gadget becomes essential to perceive the road clearly. Ergo, Night Vision Camera assists the drivers to view any obstacle on the road, no matter what the outside conditions are. And there is nothing better than the Lanmodo Night Vision System.

When rainy, foggy, and snowy weather makes your vision blurry, that when the Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision Camera saves you from all the potential hazards. The device captures clear full-color images even in faint lights with the help of its light magnification technology and displays real road situation on its 8" LCD. This device helps greatly in reducing unfortunate incidents because it has the ability to reach up to 300m ahead, mean it enables you to take the necessary precautions to avoid any mishap. So now with the help of this device, you can just take a quick peek on the screen to know the road conditions, without having to strain your eyes.

All these items will help you drive safely during this bitter and icy-cold weather as this climate is not the best one for driving. Prepare your car with the best gadgets before it's too late and you get stranded somewhere with no supplies. And don't forget to share them with your friends and family.

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