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6 Important Tips for Safe Driving on U.S. Roads

Jun 29, 2021, 5:36 pm / Lara

The US's road infrastructures are in a state of great deterioration consisting of numerous broken bridges, bumpy and decaying roads. These roads not only lead to road congestion but also makes it dangerous to drive. Due to pitted roads with potholes drivers along with passengers are at great risk of injury and even deaths in certain cases. For a better driving experience and to prevent dreadful accidents we here are listing for you 6 ultimate ways for safe driving on the U.S roads.

Tip 1 - Avoid driving in cities during rush hours

In the U.S, the majority of residents have their own personal car and like to travel to their desired destination using their own private car. Due to mutual working hours, school timings and job timings, it is very normal for city drivers to encounter the ever-increasing traffic congestion. The bumper-to-bumper traffic jam does not only frustrates the drivers and passengers but also consumes a lot of your precious time which can be utilized elsewhere. As the government is unable to solve this issue up till now, therefore, we recommend that if it ain't an important work try to avoid going out during peak hours to avoid time wastage and exasperation.

Tip 2 - Stay on the right lane whether you drive on city or suburban roads

The residents of the United States are required to follow right-hand traffic rules according to which drivers are supposed to drive on the right lane unless you need to pass by the car ahead of you. Impatient driving, frequent changing of lanes and speeding over the limit can lead to devastating accidents. If slower vehicles are scattered on both left and right lane, the faster vehicle approaching need to dodge these slower vehicles back and forth. In the case of little carelessness by any one of the drivers can lead to horrible life-taking accidents. Hence, for your safety, this law is passed that slower vehicles should stay on the right side. In some states, the left lane is only for turning or passing.

Tip 3 - Watch out for crosswalks

According to research, in the United States around 5,000 pedestrian loses their life due to traffic accidents. Pay complete attention to the road ahead of you and look out for pedestrians. Come to a complete halt if a pedestrian is spotted and let him/her cross the road safely. If you see another vehicle approaching the crosswalk with no intention of stopping, honk the horn continuously to make the driver aware of the pedestrian who is willing to cross the road. You can also make use of your hand to gain the attention of other drivers. However, do not stop mid-block to let a pedestrian cross the road as this can also result in an awful accident.

Tip 4 - Be more careful when across roadway parallel parks

It is a very critical job to park the car parallel to the traffic lane. Find an empty space on a low-traffic street that is at least 4 to 6 longer than the vehicle. Always witch on your turning indicator to aware other drivers that you are planning to park the car.

Tip 5 - Use smart navigation

Retrieve the fastest traveling route by making use of a smart navigation system. It provides the driver with the latest traffic congestion updates and information about the nearest vacant parking places at your destination. The device will help you to reach your destination in a short period of time, by allowing you to choose a route according to your preference.

Tip 6 - Find help from night vision device

Driving at night is a daring yet risky thing to do. Drivers turn on their car's headlights while driving in low light conditions. But for additional safety, you must mount a night vision device like Lanmodo Vast Pro. The Lanmodo Vast Pro night vision system for cars offers drivers with high-quality, full-color, 1080HD moving images. It allows the driver to perceive up to 300m distance ahead, which is more distance which ordinary headlights can reach. Furthermore, you can conveniently mount this night vision device to nearly all the car models. It is a very useful device to enhance your driving experience at night, especially country roads where animals often haunt out.

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