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5 Most Dangerous Roads in America and Safe Driving Tips

Jun 29, 2021, 3:57 pm / Lara

Planning a self-driving trip with family or friends is definitely the best idea. It would sufficiently help you to relax by taking a break from an everyday exhausting routine. But be very careful while driving through certain roads, as there are some dangerous roads in America where the rate of fatal accidents is higher.

Top 5 most dangerous roads in America

  1. U.S. Route 550
A part of US Route 550 known as the Million Dollar Highway which stretches for about 12 miles, is one of the most dangerous roads in America. The route connects the town of Ouray to the town of Silverton. It consists of several hairpin twists and steep cliffs without any guard rail. During winter, driving through this route becomes extremely risky. Despite being one of the most dangerous routes, it is still a route you must visit once to perceive its magnificent beauty. Just drive within the speed limit.
  1. Highway 99, California
Being one of the shortest highways, this route has the highest rate of disastrous accidents per 100 miles throughout the nation. Hence, it is also called "Highway to Hell". Within a period of five years, around 62 fatalities for every 100 miles has occurred on this 400 miles highway. Such devastating accidents take place due to the fact that with time the road is aging and needs to be repaired. The lighting condition is terrible as most of the accidents occur during nighttime due to poor lighting conditions. Other reasons for such a high rate of fatal crashes are intoxicated drivers, distracted drivers, and speeding beyond the speed limit.
  1. Oregon Coast Highway
The incredibly beautiful Oregon coast highway consists of awe-inspiring blue Pacific Ocean along the road. Several car collisions occur because the individuals have all their attention diverted towards the captivating scenery and they forget to look at the road ahead which is full of steep turns, precipitous cliffs, and sharp inclines. Each year, nearly 35 car crashes fatalities happen on this route.
  1. Interstate 17
This 145 miles route connecting Phoenix to Flagstaff is ranked as the 4th deadliest highway in the nation. The highway consists of dense traffic, unanticipated turns, and dramatic turns. Moreover, instead of drivers being extra careful, most if drivers are distracted, intoxicated or are cruising vehicle way beyond the speed limit. Due to which on average at least one death occurs, due to car accidents, every 0.87 miles.
  1. Interstate 40
During 2015-2017, 61 fatalities occurred on Interstate 40. Most of the collisions took place due to speeding beyond the speed limit, knowingly that it is one of the most traveled roads. The other reason for the high fatality rate is drivers being distracted or colliding with potential hazards due to low lighting conditions.

Here are some driving tips that will make your driving more safe and secure.

  1. Use the night vision system
Most of the accidents occur during nighttime as the ability to recognize objects on the road ahead deteriorates. When the light condition on the road is horrible, the headlight is not enough to illuminate the road ahead. Hence, it is recommended to invest in getting a reliable night vision system, like Lanmodo Vast Pro, which does not provide customers with excellent performance but can be installed in 99% of car models. This night vision device assists substantially to increase the perception of the driver during low light conditions, by permitting the driver to view any pedestrians, cyclists, or potential hazards for up to 300m through its 1080HD full-color, life-like moving images, thus enhance the overall driving experience of the customer.
  1. Get good rest before hitting the road
Around 72,000 accidents occur due to drivers cruising the car in a drowsy state. Hence, sleep properly before going on a long trip to avoid driving in a drowsy state. Moreover, never drive for more than 10 hours a day and after every two hours take a rest break for 15 to 20 minutes to rejuvenate yourself.
  1. Don't drink and limit the speed
30% of all car crashes in the USA occur due to drunk drivers. This is because alcohol takes away your power to make the right decisions at the right time. High level of alcohol results in blurred vision and speech. It may also lead to the unconscious in some cases. While the low level of alcohol reduces the reaction time and coordination between the muscles. Never cross the speed limit. Speeding increases the chances of an accident by four to five percent for every mph.
  1. Prepare a roadside emergency kit
In case your tire pressure decreases or god forbid if your tire burst due to the rugged road. Always carry a roadside emergency tool kit in your trunk to fix minor problems faced in the car while a long road trip without any car mechanic shop.
  1. Pay attention to the road signals
Look out for signs on the roadside to get all the information about what's coming next. The signs can be such as 'Danger Warning', 'Animal Tips', 'Speed Limit, 'unforeseen turns' and much more. Pay attention to signs and always respect them as they are placed for your safety and protection.

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