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5 Common Night Driving Hazards and How to Deal with Them

Apr 23, 2020, 4:40 pm / Evelyn Smith

If you have a car, chances are high that you drive it at night. No one can escape night driving, either for professional or personal reasons. It is a well-known fact that most car accidents happen at night. However, it does not mean that one should avoid night driving completely. All one needs to do is to observe some precautions that can deal with the hazards related to night driving.

Hazard 1. Reduced Visibility

There is a reduction in visibility when you drive at night. This is something that happens for each and every activity and visibility is no exception to it. This is one of the most dangerous hazards because it is not taken seriously by all and people continue to drive even when visibility is compromised.

The different ways of dealing with it are-

  1. Check your headlights thoroughly- The headlights are the ones that are going to illuminate the way while you are driving at night. Before you set out for night driving, check the headlights properly and make sure that they are in perfect working condition.
  2. Use a night vision system- This is a very good example of how technology helps in reducing risks associated with night driving. The Lanmodo Vast night vision car camera is a device that is extremely effective in the correct scenario. It consists of high-quality camera that captures what lies outside and screen that displays whatever is captured in a high-contrast manner. It allows a person to see beforehand while driving at night and they get an idea of what lies ahead of them. They can regulate their driving according to prevent any night driving hazards.
  3. Be extra careful- Anything can come in front of your vehicle at any point in time while driving at night. Therefore, you should be on the hooks at all times and be able to respond to any emergency immediately.

Hazard 2. Rush Hours

These are periods of time during the day when a lot of people use a particular route and thus it becomes heavily congested. This is generally associated with busy roads and at a time when everyone's work gets over and they are returning home from work at night, which becomes extremely difficult to drive. In fact, expertise in driving is a prerequisite to not have any issue in such a situation.

Here are some useful tips you can take-

  1. Avoid rush hours- The smartest thing to do to avoid rush hours is not using a particular route during a particular period of time. In short, once you become aware of the rush hours, avoid it completely.
  2. Look for an alternative timing- Not driving at odd rush hours does not mean that not driving at night at all. In fact, look for timing that is better in this aspect.
  3. Don't speed and brake properly- Since there will be a lot of crowds while driving, drive with a lot of care.

Hazard 3. Drowsy Driving

This is generally seen when one opts for long drives that might stretch over the night as well. It is actually extremely dangerous to drive when you are feeling drowsy. This is again seen more commonly at night.

Some driving safety tips to avoid drowsy driving are-

  1. Take a quick nap- If you feel extremely drowsy or sleepy, stop the car at the side and take a power nap. This has a lot of rejuvenating power.
  2. Ask someone else to drive- It is always better to have multiple drivers with you when you embark on a long drive. When you feel drowsy, you can ask that person to take over so that you can take rest.
  3. Be well-rested- If the situation arises that you know beforehand that you have to drive at night, it is always better to catch up on some good amount of sleep that can compensate for any deficiencies that might occur.

Hazard 4. Construction Activity

Construction activity sites are always prone to a number of dangers, especially while driving at night.

The methods of dealing with it are-

  1. Look for an alternate route- Look for a route that is feasible and no construction activities take place in it.
  2. Be careful- Since you know that there are dangers associated with it, drive extremely carefully.
  3. Drive slow- This will help you maneuver easily.

Hazard 5. Drink and Driving

This is a criminal offense. However, it does happen quite frequently and has been a common reason for deaths multiple times, unfortunately. Again, this is commonly seen at night.

The different ways to address the problem are-

  1. Act responsibly- Never get inebriated and drive a car. You are putting yours and everyone's lives at risk.
  2. Postpone the trip- In case you have got drunk, avoid using your car. Postpone the trip to a time when you are sober and healthy.
  3. Ask someone else to drive- When you get drunk, you tend to show off that you can drive perfectly. Avoid doing that and ask someone else to be behind the wheels instead of you.

These are a few common hazards that are encountered during night driving and a few tips on how to counteract them. Follow them and keep yourself and everyone safe.

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