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Lanmodo Automatic Car Umbrella Vs Lanmodo Semi-automatic Car Umbrella

Mar 6, 2019, 6:02 pm / Brian Lageose
If you have always searching for the car umbrella built with improved features and wonderful functionality, Lanmodo is the name. This is a leading car umbrella brand with all the things car owners need to protect and safeguard their cars. This brand comes in different types such as the automatic car umbrella and semi-automatic car umbrella/manual car umbrella. That means you will be the one to choose the right one for your needs. You will get an opportunity to choose the right one to give exceptional protection, coverage and safety to your car. To make such choice, you have to know more about each of the types provided. Here are some same points of Lanmodo automatic car umbrella and semi-auto car umbrella.
  1. Enjoy the Ease of Use Features of Lanmodo Car Umbrella
The interesting thing about Lanmodo car umbrella is that it is built with ease of use feature. For, that reason you will not need to pass through any form of stress or difficulty to make use of it. You will stand chance of installing it and putting it on without stress or delay. Full installation for both manual and auto Lanmodo car cover takes only 30s. The open and close operation only takes 8s for both manual and automatic. While, the difference between this two types is that the automatic car umbrella designed with a remote controllers, but the manual is without. Users can open or close automatic Lanmodo car umbrella only by a click on remote buttons. For semi-auto type one, users need to open or close by a gentle outward on car tent arms.
Lanmodo automatic car tent Lanmodo manul car tent
  1. A Look at the High Quality Structure of Lanmodo Car Umbrella
The structure of a car cover will determine the capability of the cover to protect cars against high wind. That is the reason why Lanmodo car umbrella is built with high quality fiberglass structure. For that reason it can withstand high wind and hail at any point in time.
  1. Cool Down the Temperature of Your Car Up To 36°C with Lanmodo
No need to worry about heat in the summer when you have Lanmodo car cover with you. The automatic and semi-automatic as well as the manual type offer absolute temperature control. You will be sure of cooling your car to about 36°C when you make use of Lanmodo manual car umbrella or the automatic ones.
  1. Enjoy Security with Lanmodo Car Tent
Another good thing about Lanmodo car cover is that it is built with security in mind. It is built with a security wire belt. This wire belt is fixed by the car door and it is not so easy to cut.
  1. Take Advantage of Wind Proof, Water Proof and Snow Proof Features of Lanmodo
With the help of Lanmodo car cover you will no more going to worry about wind, hail, snow falls, rain falls and others. This is because this specially built innovative car cover is built to cover cars against all elements. You can go ahead and take advantage of the waterproof, windproof, as well as snow prove feature of this wonderful car cover.

Comparison on Automatic Vs Semi-Automatic Lanmodo Car Umbrella

If you have been hesitating between Lanmodo automatic car umbrella and semi-auto car umbrella but do not know which one is suitable for you, you can check the comparison form below for information. Check through the table to understand both of them are great with wonderful functions according to the information offered.

Lanmodo Automatic car Umbrella Lanmodo Semi-auto Car Umbrella
Operating mode Automatic
With remote control
Need to open or close manually
Open/close time In 8s In 8s
Full installation time 30s 30s
Battery Last for 5 years No battery
Suction Power Up to 70kg Up to 70kg
Structure Material Fiberglass Fiberglass
Tent canopy material 210D Oxford cloth 210 Oxford cloth
Car sunshade function Cool car temperature up to 36oC Cool car temperature up to 36oC
Windproof Up to 29MPH Up to 29MPH
Anti-theft Yes Yes
Extended functionality Outdoor umbrella/beach umbrella/
camping tent
Outdoor umbrella/beach umbrella

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