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Five Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Safe from Thief

Sep 9, 2019, 8:59 am / Lara

Purchasing a car is considered as one of investment by many people. While driving, we try to keep the car safe from every obstacle or mishap. We often spend hefty amount on car maintenance and services to keep the car new and intact. However, our cars required protection even when we are not driving, as the number of car thefts has been increasing since the last couple of years. Almost in every 50 seconds a car is reported stolen in many big countries. Hence, in order to avoid such incidents, you can take few extra steps to protect your car. Some of the tips are -

Park in well-used brighter locations

Safe parking is one of the important measure to prevent car theft. Thieves prefer to steal cars in the dark. So while parking your car you must make sure that the parking spot has couple of street lights, in case if it gets dark. Moreover, the area in which you park the car must be crowded as well. There should be people coming and going all the time. Any car thief will be afraid to steal the car in the presences of so many witnesses.

Hide your valuable stuff away and lock

Many people, while heading to work, many unnecessary stops in order to grab a cup of coffee or to run some last minute errands. In these situations, they often keep their laptops or mobile phones in the car. And when any car thief passes by your car and sees your valuables, there are high chance that he will try to break in to your car. Keeping all of your expensive and important stuff under the car seat and locking away the car is extremely important. Many car thieves look for cars that are easy to target and has some costly stuff inside. Unlocked cars are an easy target for them as they don't have to waste any time in breaking a window or trying to open to it through some other way. Keeping your car locked at all time with your stuff well-hidden can decrease the chances of your car of stuff being stolen.

Protect your windows

It may seem like an unnecessary advice but many people forget about locking their windows. During summertime, people slide down their windows for fresh air but closing them escape their memory. In these cases, it becomes easy for car thefts to break in to your car. Try to keep your windows closed at all time. Also, if your windows are cracked repair them as soon as possible to avoid any unfortunate incident.

Pick your car park carefully

Parking intelligently makes your car secure and safe at all times. For maximum security, parking your car in your home garage at night and in the office building during day time is the safest option. However, sheltering the car in an isolated garage can compromise your own safety. If you don't prefer parking garages then pick a street that has most number of security cameras. Car thieves avoid committing crimes when there are dozens of security cameras to catch them.

Get car cover to shelter the car

Even after so many precautions, the car's safety is always at risk while parking it outdoors. In order to add extra protection and reduce the chances of your car getting damaged invest in Lanmodo's car cover. It not only protects your car from scorching heat, rain and harmful UV rays but also keep the car safe from the hands of a thief as it comes with anti-theft system. It has an anti-theft rope with steel wires buried inside. This rope cannot be cut easily, therefore, no thief can steal it and the car. Also, the cover itself cannot be stolen because it is operated through a wireless remote. Only with the remote one can open and close it, hence it cannot be folded and taken away without the remote. What makes it even better than its competitor is the price point. It is available in the market at lower price than others. So now, you can protect your car with this extremely affordable and easy to install car cover which offers many other benefits to the user.

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