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Tips for Keeping Kids Safe During Summer

Nov 29, 2019, 9:02 am / Lara

Before planning out the excursion, finalizing everything and heading off to your desired destination, it is very essential to take proper precautions to make sure that kids stay safe either if you are taking them along on the trip or leaving them back at home. Hence, we are jotting down some outdoor, indoor, and in-car safety tips for your convenience.

Outdoor safety

  1. Protect skin from the sun
Extensive exposure to the sun can cause harmful ultraviolet rays to immediately damage the skin and eyes of kids if proper protective measures are not taken, as the skin of kids is very fragile and sensitive. It is recommended to cover the kids with a thick coat of sunscreen with at least SPF15. It is also necessary to make sure that kids are wearing fully covered clothes, hats, and sunglasses to minimize the effect of UV rays as much as possible.
  1. Avoid bug bites
If your trip includes camping or hiking then get ready to encounter some crawling and flying insects. Most of the bugs can be dangerous and can lead to skin disease, Lyme disease or skin irritation. The best remedy is to apply insect repellent, with no more than 10 percent of DEET, on kids. Moreover, before sleeping check your kids properly for any kind of insects in places like behind the ears, knees, and elbows.
  1. Drink enough water
Hot days can dehydrate you and your kids rapidly. Dehydration can make you feel tired and can lead to dizziness. Hence, make sure to provide your kids with water every 20 minutes. Make it fascinating to drink water for kids by purchasing their favorite personal travel bottles. You can also offer fruits and vegetables that have high water volumes like watermelon, strawberries, cucumber, and many more. You may set alarms as a reminder for drinking water timely.
  1. Guard against drowning
Never leave your kids unattended in water neither at beach nor at poolside. It hardly takes a minute for your kid to drown in water, hence take proper precautions before sending them in water. It is advised by AAP to stay near your kids within arm's length. Turn off your cell phone and avoid any kind of other activity while supervising your kids in the water. Kids must always wear life jackets when in deep or shallow water. You must also know all the safe rescue procedures and learn CPR in case of an emergency.
  1. Practice food safety
Pack food that is everyone's favorite to avoid any kind of whining and crying. Avoid carrying food that may create a mess like ketchup, yogurt, or any kind of sauce. Pack along fruits and veggies. Don't miss out on the chip packet and juices to keep the tummies full. Remember to carry a garbage bag to gather all the wrappers in it. While traveling, if water and soap are unavailable then sanitize your kid's hands properly before and after every meal.

Indoor safety

If you and your partner need some time alone to bond together and are planning to leave your kids at home then follow these tips to ensure your kid's safety and security.
  1. Make regular check-in calls
Schedule a time for making a check-in call, it can be either when the kids return from school or it can be in the evening. Catch up with them and hear them regarding how their day went and what they did. This will let you know about any strange thing that might have encountered. Set up rules for them and make sure your kid follows them.
  1. Create and educate your kids about a first aid kit
Minor injuries are bound to happen while kids play, hence, make sure to prepare a first aid kit which includes the basic equipment needed to heal minor wounds like antiseptic cream, ice pack, bandage, etc. Teach your kids what to use on what occasions and how to use each equipment in the first aid box.
  1. Pay attention to the visit of strangers
While talking to them, listen to them carefully. As listening to them will let you know about strange visits or things that might have happened. Don't ignore what they are telling you as a strange visit can lead to many terrible and dangerous incidents. Also, call out neighbors to keep a close eye on your kids. Strictly tell your kids to not open doors to strangers or to individuals who they might not know.
  1. Store alcohol and medication
Kids are bound to fall sick or catch flu and cough. Therefore leave an exact amount of medicine that your child may need, as leaving the entire bottle can lead the kids to take an overdose of a particular medicine. Lock up the things that are unsafe for kids like sleeping pills, alcohol, guns, and lighter.

In-car safety

Hitting the roads in the summer vacation can be a wonderful experience, especially if the following safety tips are followed, the journey would become more relaxing.
  1. Make sure your child's car seat is properly buckled up, as it is the superlative way to protect your kid in the car. Choose a reliable child's car seat that suits your child's weight, height, age, and your vehicle.
  2. Never leave a child unattended in a car. It can lead to awful accidents as they can change car gears unintentionally. Moreover, the hot and humid weather can cause a child to undergo heat stroke. Death happens in severe circumstances.
  3. The ideal way to protect your car's exterior and interior from the blistering sun is to use a car sunshade, like the Lanmodo car sunshade, to keep the vehicle cool when parked, as the temperature inside a car can rise quickly. The Lanmodo car sunshade is made of anti-UV material that can keep the car temperature cool up to 36 degrees, when you come back to the car, you and your kids will feel much comfortable.

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