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Lanmodo Portable Car Shade Is the Key to Happy Road Trips

Sep 4, 2019, 2:22 pm / Brian Lageose

Summer season defines fun, memorable road trips, and the opportunity to engage with nature and your loved ones. But, what can one do about the degradation that your car faces due to the overwhelming heat? The most important cause of damage to the car's outer glory is the harmful UV rays. With continued exposure to sunlight, car paint will be easily damaged and fade. Lanmodo portable car shade will help to retain your car's beauty. This particular car shade is designed to prevent damage caused to the car wherever you go.

Lanmodo gets your car covered

When you have an appropriate cover for your car then there is nothing to worry about, especially when it comes to the car heating up. Though, there are several choices available in the market - the best one for all cars is Lanmodo portable car shade. Here are a few reasons to understand why you should choose Lanmodo:

Protects from summer heat: The unpredictable weather that prevails outside is dangerous for your car. But, is there anything better than to sit under the soothing shade on a hot day? The Lanmodo car shade will keep your car safe summer heat by preventing hot sunshine from directly landing on your car. It also has a two layered canopy to let wind flow through and cool down the car body. Lanmodo car shade can decrease car temperature up to 36 degrees, so when you gets into the car, its interior remains cool.

Car prrotection anywhere: The portable structure of Lanmodo car shade makes it possible to fold it back into a small size. When it is inside a package it will be 85 cm long, so you can put it inside car trunk and take it anywhere.

Strong structure: The durable canopy and military fiberglass structure of the product is what makes it extraordinary in nature. There are also windproof straps which are adjustable and can be used to secure the umbrella tent. From hail to snow build up, cars will remain protected.

Easy installation and operation: Lanmodo car shade has automatic and semi-auto types, the former is operated by a remote control and the latter one is operated manually, but both are easy and doesn’t take long.

Enjoy your road trips with Lanmodo

If you have postponed your road trips or fun, adventurous journeys then it is time to get serious and start planning. The problems that road trips often bring can now be dealt with Lanmodo portable car shade. There are multiple benefits of this product and it can be used for a plethora of activities.

The multifunctional outdoor umbrella can work as a shade for you to sit underneath it and relax. With an adjustable stand, you can even place it as a shade for you to use while fishing with your buddies. The experience you will have of the beautiful surroundings when you're under the protective cover of Lanmodo car shade is incredible.

When you have an ultra-modern product with you like the Lanmodo car umbrella then you won't have to ever sleep cramped up in your car. Because with the stand and side canopies, it can form a spacious camping tent. The portable car shade has fantastic features like a USB port which can be used for charging devices or plugging in LED lights.

From protecting your vehicle to bring joy to your road trip, Lanmodo portable car shade is definitely a must-have gadget.

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