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Portable Car Sun Shade to Protect Your Car and Family

Jun 21, 2019, 2:11 pm / Abigail Williams

Here comes the summer again and you know such weather can easily overheat your vehicle and damage it to an unmeasurable extent. Nothing is worse than sitting uncomfortably inside an overheated car with your family. The sun rays take only a few minutes to heat the car up. Thankfully there is an Innovative car sun shade that will not just protect your family from such nuisance but also the car.

Like the eye sun shade protects your eyes from the harmful sunlight, car sun shade, as its name suggests, protects you and your car from the damaging effects of the sun.

As we live in an era where majorly everything is available online, you'll find many options among Car Sun shades, of different sizes, colors and features. Save yourself the time you might spend on the internet going through options. Here is the best pick for you -- Lanmodo Portable Car Sun Shade. There are various reasons why Lanmodo is the best pick among all. Some of the majors are stated below:

1. It'll protect your car as well as your family

You must remember going to an air conditioned restaurant with your family on the weekend, and when you come back to the car to return home, it's already heated up enough to suffocate you and make your family uncomfortable due to the unbearing heat. The direct solar radiation over a longer period of time can be very damaging, as it will affect your skin, your eyes as well as the interior and exterior of the car.

The traditional Car Sun Shade for baby that prevents the sunlight particularly from the window panes are a good option when it comes to blocking the heat from a particular spot. But if you need to block the entire solar radiation and not just the one falling on window panes than this Lanmodo Car Sun Shade is the ideal option.

Lanmodo is designed with anti-UV cloth and its large coverage will protect your car as a whole, not allowing high temperature to build, thus protecting you as well as your family from the heat. You car will also be protected against dust and fallen objects, which in long run will save you a lot of money and trouble. So, you can see that this Car Sun Shade is really a full package.

2. Portable – Take it anywhere, use it anytime

Another important feature about the device is that it can be taken easily with you, anywhere and can be used anytime. You don't need to worry it's troublesome to take out Lanmodo car sun shade as it's foldable, packs into a bag. Be it in some place where it's raining, be it in some place where it's hot, no matter where, Lanmodo got you covered and will work as a shield for you and your dear ones no matter where you go.

3. Easy installation and operation

The device is very easy to install and is remote controlled. A very interesting feature about this car shade is that it cannot be closed and taken away without the use of a remote control, which is another clever method to protect against theft. It also includes a USB Port to plug in and charge devices, which makes it more valuable than just a car tent. It includes 8 windproof straps that can be adjusted according to the vehicles to secure the car tent.

4. For outdoor uses

This is the best part, Lanmodo Car Sun Shade proves to be a useful device if you're outdoors with your family. It comes with an adjustable stand which can form an outdoor umbrella for your outing. You can go fishing in the day or in night and use the car tent as a spacious umbrella above your head to protect you from sun in the day and from mist in the night. The USB port included will cover the battery consumption of your phone.

Besides, there are side canopies than can form camping tent. This is a perfect option if you are camping and need a tent. It's spacious enough to occupy 7 full grown human, therefore can be used on the camping site.

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