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What Makes a Perfect Family Camping?

Jun 21, 2019, 9:05 am / Evelyn Smith

Leave back all the busy, strained life behind you and loosen up yourself by planning a camping trip with your family. Reconnect and make numerous memories during the journey. Having your relatives by your side, can temporarily assist you to forget about all the stressful situations you may be stuck in. Enjoy the laughs with your family and have plenty of outdoor time with your kids. So pack up your bags and schedule a camping trip as soon as possible!

Essential Things to Plan for a Perfect Trip

The foremost benefit of planning a trip with your family is that you can schedule trip flexibly, according to your own schedule and your children schedule. Reserve a good camping site and make sure you leave for the trip early morning, to avoid any gridlock and so that you can set up your camp before it gets dark. Decide an easy driving route with less traffic congestion. And before starting the journey examine the working condition of your sport utility vehicle properly. Check if there is enough fuel or if the brake is working properly. Pack your bags properly with all the essential things including clothes, sheep bag, first aid, sun screen, sanitizer, all personal items, navigation tools and the camping necessities. You won't find any store in the wilderness so make sure you do not forget anything, which may ruin your trip.


Camping provides you an opportunity to enjoy best quality time with your beloved family, without any worldly distraction like internet, television, mobile phones. In order to maximize the fun, take travel sized board games like chess, ludo, monopoly, and playing cards along with you. Plan activities and games in such a way that all family members are involved. Hiking, football, cricket, rock climbing, hide and seek are some of the activities that can refresh you! Most significantly, carry binoculars to enjoy and identify different types of birds and plants around you. Boost your and your children's knowledge regarding nature. Capture all these beautiful moments in your camera. If your campsite is near lake, you can do many exciting activities like fishing, floating, playing water volleyball or going for snorkeling. Give yourself a break from rodent race of everyday life and unwind yourself in the magnificent nature around you.

Preparing meals together

hile planning camping, you should keep in mind that there are no nearby stores. Hence, you should carry junk food for kids like chips, biscuits, juices etc, to fill up their tummies during the trip. If you are planning to cook food there. No doubt, it would be an amazing experience, but make sure to carry all the necessary utensils for cooking and eating. Pick an appropriate camping stove and cookware. It is recommended that you decide the menu beforehand. Then prepare what you can at home for example marinating meat, cutting vegetables etc. Pack all the eatables in an ice cooler. But before planning about cooking food together, make sure that burning fire or camping stove is allowed in that particular site. Aside that, you are free to enjoy cooking and eating delicious meal under the shade with your family.

Multifunctional Camping Tent

The most fundamental equipment while camping is camping tent! Tent is like a shelter to you, providing you with proper place to sleep comfortably, and protect you from weather outside. When you are planning to purchase a reliable tent, you will come across a distinct variety of tents to choose from. Furthermore, you will notice numerous brands and one of them is Lanmodo. The stylish, tech-savvy Lanmodo Car Canopy Tent consist of many outstanding features which you may have never thought of. It can not only be used as a camping tent but can also be used as a car protection cover, keeping your car shiny and shielding it from any damage done by dust particle. It is so wide that it can easily accommodate up to 7 people at once, hence enjoy a good time reading and storytelling with your family. With the addition of a USB port, you can easily charge mobile devices. Moreover, you can convert your camp tent into party platform by installing colorful LED. Lanmodo has specially manufactured the superlative, portable and easy to install camping tent for you!

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