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Is It Necessary To Protect Your Car In Autumn?

Mar 12, 2019, 4:37 pm / Abigail Williams
When a topic about car protection is being discussed, most car owners usually set their mind on summer and winter. They normally think that damaging hot summer or freezing cold winter are the two reasons they should get a good car umbrella. However, the truth people did not know about is that their car needs protection in all four seasons of the year such as Summer, Winter, Spring and even Autumn. Due to the fact that your car needs protection round the year, it is important you buy four season car cover. Lanmodo mobile car umbrella can give you the four season protection you need on your car including in Autumn.

Your car can be badly damaged through falling branches and leaves

  1. Scratches and dents: While Autumn weather is not characterized by extreme hot or cold weather, it is the time leaves usually fall off the trees. This can make your car dirty when uncovered.
  2. Quick damaging of car paint is faster during autumn: If you do not want to start driving a dirty car with scraped paints, you should protect your car with a good umbrella in autumn.
  3. Autumn weather can easily dirty your car: Since you will not like to spend more time cleaning your car, it is important you get a good car shield.
The harm falling down tree branches and leaves can cause to your car range from causing dent to making the body of the car dirty and others.

Daily temperature variation is capable of doing a great harm to your car

The rule of thermal expansion as well as contraction is applicable to many things including your car. When the car is left uncovered in autumn, the effects of daily temperature variation can be much on it. During the night, the metal part of your car such as the engine and others will tend to get extremely cold. In the daytime, the increase in temperature can make your car get so hot result to linear expansion on the engine and reducing the viscosity of fluid in the car. You will discover frequent car breakdown following daily temperature variation in Autumn.

Frost has the tendency of doing a great harm to your car

Defrosting your windshield during autumn or winter can be difficult mostly if you are not experienced in it. But, you can avoid this difficulty by getting a good car umbrella.
  1. The interior part of your car can be messed up when frost got melted and flow into your car.
  2. The battery of your car will die quickly following frosting of your car.
  3. The fluids in your car will thicken following frosting of your car.
  4. Cold wind caused by the frost can take a toll on your tyre pressure.
  5. The wiper washers and wipers will fail when your car frost.

Lanmodo can be a nice choice for you

Lanmodo is a four-season car umbrella built to serve your car round the year. This auto car shield is built with lots of exceptional features that offer several benefits to car owners. You are going to be sure of absolute protection on your car in the Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn when you get Lanmodo auto umbrella. Among the benefits of this great umbrella you should know are:
  1. Decreases diurnal temperature variation between the day and night, thereby keeping your car safe all the times.
  2. Maintain warmness of your car throughout the coolest part of the night in Autumn thereby keeping your car from frosting.
  3. All-weather suitable and portable to be carried in a trunk of your car to anywhere.
  4. Strong and long lasting due to the fiberglass frame and Oxford 210D canopy it in its manufacturing.
  5. Multifunctional uses order than protecting the car, it can be used as beach umbrella, fishing umbrella, outdoor camping and outdoor theater.
  6. Very easy to clean and maintain unlike other car shields with difficulty in cleaning.
  7. Lightweight and can easily be carried around without any difficulty.
  8. Automatic functionality making it easy to use.
  9. Fast and easy to set up.
You can imagine the benefits you stand to enjoy from a car shield with the features as provided here. Your car will be perfectly protected from effect of weather in four-season of the year. So, you are not going to bother buying another car cover when there is a change in the weather condition as it is with other car shields or umbrellas in the market. You can just get Lanmodo umbrella installed or set up without assistance of anyone. With these benefits, you can now understand that Lanmodo remains the best car umbrella you can ever find in the market today.

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