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Top 8 Tips to Protect Your Car Paint and Keep it Shiny

Oct 26, 2020, 9:57 am / Richard

Getting your dream car can be the most exciting feeling. The dazzling paint and shiny looks of the car are sure to leave you spellbound and in love with the vehicle. If you wish to maintain the sparkle and shine of your car for years to come, then you need to carry out proper maintenance.

Getting your car repainted not only decreases the value of the car but also turns out to be an expensive thing. And hence, we have compiled a few tips for car paint protection that will go a long way in the upkeep of your vehicle.

Make sure to use a car cover

One of the best ways to protect your car is to use a car cover. A good quality car cover can be effective in protecting the car from harsh sun rays as well as preserve the paint. The Lanmodo four-season automatic car cover is one of the finest products in this segment. This cover offers year-round protection to your car from all unwanted elements that damage your car paint.

You can install the Lanmodo car cover in as less as 30 seconds and it's all set to save your car from snow, hail, leaves, bird droppings, and heat. It can be secured with the help of 8 adjustable straps to fit your car roof perfectly. Suction cups on the tent enable it to stick to the car roof without any scratches and dents. Features like anti-theft belt, remote control, and personalization of the canopy make it one of the safest car protection cover for your vehicle.

Regular car wash is immensely useful

Giving your vehicle a thorough wash regularly is as important. You may think it to be no big task but washing your car with the help of the right tools is what makes all the difference. Using a high-quality car wash with a foam applicator is an ideal way to keep the paint shining bright. Make sure to wash the tires, interior, exterior, windshield, and wind glass too.

Do not think drying is unnecessary

The biggest mistake that most car owners commit is to skip the drying process after washing the car. You may think that the car will dry up naturally. However, the truth is that not drying the car can leave behind water spots. To avoid the spots you can use a microfiber cloth to dry the vehicle completely.

Wax your ride

Want to protect your car from being damaged by external elements? Then you should consider applying a high-quality car wax. Car wax can protect your vehicle from external contaminants, UV rays, and such other elements for a long time. The wax coating will also help to keep the car smooth and clean, acting like a car protection cover.

Use paint protection films

Using protection films to preserve car paint is one of the recent developments. The film is a high-quality thermoplastic urethane film that is applied all over the car to protect it from wear and tear. Such a film is known to possess elastomeric polymeric substance that helps to retain the shape after being stretched. It keeps the car protected from scratches, debris, and flying shrapnel and such elements.

Avoid rough surface driving

Driving on uneven roads and rough surfaces can cause debris, stones, and other sharp objects from the road to fly up and damage the car paint. This can chip the car paint and also cause scratches on the surface. If you want to retain the car paint for many years then a pro tip is to avoid driving on rough surfaces.

Use smooth material to clean the car

Always remember to be gentle while cleaning the car surface. Use a soft brush or a microfiber cloth as they are smooth and soft. This will prevent any swirl marks on the car and also absorb water quickly.

Choose convenient parking spaces

If you want to prevent your car paint from fading away and looking old then park your vehicle in a shaded area. Look out for parking spaces that are away from direct sunlight. Choose a spot that has a shed or one where less sunlight is received.


Following the above tips will go a long way in preserving the car paint and keep it looking new for years together. Protecting your car's shine needs some regular maintenance and some effort from your end. With the right products and right tools you can ensure your car looks sparkling all the time.

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